A whispered sound of yearning slipped out between my lips at the sight of the mouth-wateringly impressive expanse of rigid flesh, turning into a moan as he curled his hand around his girth, stroking it firmly from tip to root, teasing me. Without warning, he was on the bed over me. Our mouths met again in a frenzied kiss, lips, teeth, and tongues tangling, breaking apart only long enough for Brandon to reach for my shirt, his hands working frantically to get me as naked as he was. I froze instantly, the word ‘NO’ dropping from my lips with the weight of a bomb.

Brandon stilled above me, and I regretted the outburst immediately, but…there were…he just…I wasn’t ready for him to see me. “Lights, please. Turn them off,” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

“Chloe,” he said softly, “You’re beautiful to me, sunshine. You don’t ever have to worry about that.”

I shook my head. “It’s not that, Brandon, just…please?” I pleaded.

He gave me a look filled with concern but complied, moving off the bed and hitting the lights so the room fell into darkness. As soon as the lights went out, I hurriedly stripped off my clothes, anticipating him returning to feel my bare skin, hoping he’d be pleasantly surprised enough to forget about my hang-ups for now. I heard him shuffle around and waited for him to come back to bed, to pick up where we left off, but he didn’t. Instead, the bathroom light clicked on.

“Brandon,” I started, my hands immediately moving to cover my body, but he cut me off.

“Chloe, don’t hide from me. Trust me, baby, there’s nothing that could make me want you less right now. Okay?” He pulled the door shut, but didn’t close it all the way, so that a sliver of light left a soft glow in the bedroom, casting shadows over everything, including my skin. I glanced down at myself, eyeing the patterns of light worriedly. The way the shadows fell, he could see me, but couldn’t see…anything I didn’t want him to see.

“Is this okay, baby?” he asked quietly, his voice so tender and careful that it brought tears to my eyes. I blinked them back frantically and nodded, adding a whispered ‘yes’ when I realized he might not be able to see my head move in the dimness.

He moved back to the bed, crawling over me and capturing my mouth in a sweet, questing kiss. I gasped against his lips as he finally settled against me, every inch of his rock hard body pressed against my smaller, softer one, his hips resting between my thighs, spreading them. I hooked my legs around his and moaned as the heavy length of his erection slid against my tender, wet folds, branding me with his heat. He thrust against me, the head of him breaching my drenched slit to slide through the wetness gathered there until it nudged my clit, making me jerk against him as pleasure shot through me like lightning.

I growled in my throat, a low, wild sound that made him chuckle and shift, breaking away from the kiss as he sat back on his knees between my still wide-spread thighs. I arched my hips, wordlessly begging him to continue to no avail.

Time slowed to a crawl, every inch of me crying out for his touch, aching to feel him against me with nothing between us again, hip to hip, chest to chest, skin to skin.

“Brandon…” I whispered, pleading with him to move, to touch me…anything.

He stared down at me, taking in every detail of my body stretched out, opened completely for him, yet swathed in shadows and light. His gaze burned in the darkness, raking me from head to toe with a hunger that shook me to the core and left me even more breathless than I already had been.

As if in slow motion, his hand raised up and moved toward me until the pad of one finger gently traced the tender, pink lips of my sex, up and down, over and over again with maddeningly slow, deliberate motions, before he dipped slightly inside, his finger playing in the honeyed warmth gathered at my entrance.

“So beautiful,” he murmured as he slicked my wetness up through my folds and then tapped the tip of his finger tenderly against the swollen bud of my clit. “I want to taste you, Chloe,” he growled softly when I cried out and arched into his hand.

A ragged cry was torn from my throat as he moved suddenly, gripping my hips with his hands and lifting me up until my legs were draped over his shoulders and his lips were latched onto my clit, sucking the tiny nub mercilessly. My head thrashed against the mattress, my hands twisting into the covers as a red-hot haze of pleasure washed over me.

My head and shoulders were the only parts of my body still resting on the bed, but he held me effortlessly against his mouth, using his hands on my hips to move me where he wanted as he released my clit and his tongue darted out to dive deep inside me. He fucked me with his tongue, then, strong sure strokes that had me hovering on the edge, but he stopped every time I was ready to fly, flicking his tongue up and down my outer lips, nipping and sucking at each one until I was squirming against his face restlessly, seeking the relief he was so torturously denying me.

When his tongue slid through my folds once more, rubbing against my clit and then spearing inside me again, I cried out, a broken sound that turned into a wild scream that I couldn’t control as white hot ecstasy rushed through every inch of my straining body, arching and writhing against his mouth as he brought me screaming, again and again until I was limp and shuddering in his hands.

Brandon gently lowered my body back to the bed but kept his mouth firmly on my mound, sweetly kissing my swollen folds and lapping up every drop of my release before he kissed his way up my body, settling his weight over me as his lips met mine in a hot, wet kiss. I could taste myself on his tongue and groaned as desire coiled in my belly again, shifting against him, loving the feel of my breasts crushed against the hardness of his chest.

He thrust his hips against me, the blunt tip of his length parting my folds and slipping just inside me before he stopped, squeezing his eyes shut as a shudder wracked his body. I whimpered at the feel of him stretching me and then gasped as he pulled away again.

“Condom,” he barked out in a hoarse voice, scrambling off the bed to his jeans, digging a foil square out of the back pocket. He tore it open, rolled it on, and was leaning over me again in record time, twin moans sounding from both of us as he pushed inside until he was buried to the hilt.

“You okay, baby?” he asked, pressing his body against mine as he leaned in to capture my lips in a sweet, teasing kiss before he trailed tiny kisses along my jawline and then nuzzled my neck.

“Yessss…” I hissed out, stretching languidly against him and wrapping my legs up and over his hips, the movement opening my thighs wider and allowing him to sink a little deeper inside me.

We both groaned in unison as my inner muscles clenched around the hot hardness impaled so deep inside.

“Chloe, Jesus you’re killing me here. Give me a second…stop squeezing me like that. You’re so fucking tight…ah, God!” Brandon rasped, the low tone of his voice thick with lust, which caused my walls to convulse around him again uncontrollably. “I, I can’t…” Brandon stuttered out before he growled, “Aw, fuck…”

And then he went wild, pulling almost all the way out of me and slamming back in, pounding into me over and over ruthlessly, a driving rhythm that pushed me over the edge almost immediately, the pleasure so all-encompassing that my vision dimmed and I saw stars. I was screaming uncontrollably, my nails raking down his back, but still he powered into me, thrusting so deep I couldn’t tell where he ended and I began.

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