I felt like I was one big, raw nerve; every movement of his body inside mine caused me to crest wave after wave, my slickened, swollen flesh grasping at the rock hard, heated length of him, sucking him back in, clenching and massaging and milking him with my inner muscles as I came and came and came.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God, yes…yes, yes, yesyesyesyessss…oohh FUCK! BRANDON!” The words were raw, torn from my throat on a scream as my body seized, convulsing under the seemingly endless onslaught of white hot ecstasy.

My body went limp, still shuddering underneath him as Brandon roared, his hardness jerking and twitching inside me with every hot spurt of his release, his hips locked tight to mine, before he collapsed over me.

His weight pressed me into the mattress, our passion-slicked skin sticking together, but I didn’t care. We laid like that for what seemed like an eternity, both trying to catch our breath as aftershocks still zinged through our exhausted bodies, until Brandon groaned and hefted himself up on his arms, staring down into my eyes as he slowly, gently slid himself out of me. He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine quickly before rolling off the bed and making his way into the bathroom on unsteady legs to divest himself of the condom.

He reappeared after a brief moment to see that I had moved under the covers and, without a word, flipped off the light in the bathroom and slid under the covers with me, pulling me against his chest as he wrapped his arms around me.

He held me tight and I snuggled into him, my eyelids drooping and sleep taking me under almost immediately.

Chapter 7

Heavy breathing woke me in the morning, along with a weight sitting on my chest. Still exhausted from the night (Brandon woke me up twice more through the night; once with his tongue soothing my tender flesh, and the second time by sliding deep inside me and making love to me with slow, unhurried thrusts), I didn’t even bother to open my eyes as I swatted at him with a hand.

“No,” I mumbled. “I’m too sore and tired. You wore me out.”

In return, the weight shifted and my whole face was bathed by a slobbery, wet tongue. “UGH!” I yelled, jack-knifing up in the bed, my eyes popping open as I shouted, “Seriously? That’s so gross-” My words cut off sharply when I noticed the small black lab sitting on the mattress in front of me, his head tilted to the side as he watched me curiously.

What the? “Grady?”

His wiry tail started a wagging frenzy, his whole little body wiggling along with the movement until he lunged at me, his tongue like a heat seeking missile aiming straight for my face once more. I grabbed for him, trying to hold him away from my face but he still got a few good licks in.

His paws were prancing a mile a minute, his excitement climbing higher and higher by the second and then…I shouldn’t have laughed. I really shouldn’t have. But I couldn’t help it.

Grady shifted in my hands and, during his crazy leg dance, his back paw came down…and seeing how Brandon was sleeping on his back beside me…it came down directly on Brandon’s poor, unsuspecting, unguarded man bits.

He shot up in the bed on a high-pitched groan, doubling over and cupping his junk while I laughed uncontrollably, trying to corral the little dog so he couldn’t do any more damage. I snorted as Brandon glared at me for laughing and then glared at Grady before he gingerly got out of bed and stomped into the bathroom, the sleek, taut muscles of his perfect, naked ass flexing as he went.

With a final giggle, I snapped my fingers and told Grady to sit, pleasantly surprised when he immediately complied.

“So what the hell are you doing here, boy? Where’s your mommy and daddy, huh?” I cooed to him as I rubbed his adorable, furry little cheeks. I ran my hand down his head and heard paper crinkle when I touched his collar. Pulling him to me, I saw that a note had been tucked underneath it. I jerked it free and read what Allie had scrawled.

‘Hi, Aunt Chloe! Mommy and Daddy called to see if you’d babysit me today but you didn’t answer. Mommy says you don’t have to go in to the store, Grandma Daisy is working to get a break from Nanny. She’s driving her batty. Mommy and Daddy are going to Cincinnati so don’t wait up. And I’m sorry if I made any messes before you woke up…Mommy just shoved me in through the front door with my bag and ran like hell. Love, Grady’

I winced as I read the last part and looked at Grady, trying to judge if he was looking guilty in any way, shape, or form but I couldn’t tell. He’s just too cute. “Well, I guess we should go see if you made any messes. Or chewed on anything. Seriously, dude, you better not have chewed on anything!” I said sternly, staring down into sweet, innocent, melted chocolate brown puppy eyes. He blinked up at me and I smiled at him, kissing his cute little nose before I moved him away and got up out of bed.

I reached for my robe, managing to get it on and tied before Brandon threw himself on the bed  behind me, making me squeal as he reached out and dragged me backwards onto the bed again. I landed in a heap, tangled up with him, unable to move for laughing so hard.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he growled in my ear and then nipped at my neck, the scruff on his face tickling as it gently abraded my skin.

I giggled and then moaned as he bit down slightly on the curve of my neck, sending delicious chills down my spine to clash with the growing heat between my thighs. Breathless, I gasped, “I didn’t think you’d be ‘up’ for anything after catching a paw to your nuts.”

He chuckled and nuzzled my neck again, his words rumbling in my ear as he asked, “Ah, worried about my nuts, are you?”

“Mmmhmmm…” I murmured, getting lost in the small, biting kisses he was dotting down my jawline and throat.

Suddenly, a distinct chewing noise broke through my lust-induced stupor. I froze, shoving Brandon back and sitting up, frantically looking around for Grady. I groaned out, “Oh, no, Grady! Bad boy!”

The little black puppy was sitting at the end of the bed, my living room tv remote clutched between his paws, teeth gnawing diligently on the corner. The power button kept lighting up red with every movement of his jaw, like a little evil eye winking and taunting me.

I heard muffled laughter and jerked my head around to see Brandon practically smothering himself in the pillow so I wouldn’t hear him laughing. I smacked his naked shoulder, grimacing when it stung my hand, and then glared at him when he sat up and laughed outright.

“This is funny to you?” I huffed at him as I moved slowly to the end of the bed, intent on trying to salvage my remote.

“Uh, yeah. It is,” he replied succinctly. “Payback for you laughing when he ball-tagged me earlier.”

I reached out slowly…creeping my fingers closer and closer to the dog, stopping, my hand hanging in mid-air when Grady froze, watching me closely out of the corner of his eye. “Good boy,” I cooed sweetly. “Give Auntie Chloe the remote, Grady. Him’s a good baby, yes him is…” I used baby talk, why? I don’t know, maybe because he’s a cute little baby puppy and that’s what you do to babies, but it seemed to be working.

Or not. His tail was wagging now, tiny little circles on the blanket, but then he moved. His furry rear end shot up in the air, waggling back and forth while his front legs stayed flat, holding the remote tightly with paws and teeth. I could see it in his eyes, see him gather himself to bolt, and I took a chance, lunging forward to try to grab him before he got away. Instead, I grabbed empty air as I launched myself off the end of the bed to flop less than gracefully face first on the floor with a deep ‘oompf’.

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