Leah nodded shortly and Ian spun on his heel, already digging his phone out of his pocket. I touched her arm and she gave me a brief smile to let me know she was okay. In just a short time, Ian was back, Victoria mincing along behind him with a huge scowl plastered across her face.

“Her brother was just down the street, so he’ll be here in a couple of minutes. We can go ahead and go, though. Griff is gonna keep an eye on her,” Ian told Leah. He turned to me and Brandon. “I’m sorry, guys. I hate that our night kind of went sour…” he trailed off when Brandon shook his head.

“It’s okay, man. I understand and I know things aren’t what they seemed. Leah will, too, I’m sure of it, once you’ve explained. We’re good, man. See ya later, okay?” Brandon gave him a handshake/man hug thing that they always do.

I hugged Leah, whispering in her ear to call if she needed me. She nodded briefly, reminded me about girl’s day, and stalked off to the car, leaving Ian to follow with a sad smile and a tired wave.

“Well, that went to hell rather quickly, yeah?” Brandon quipped, dropping his arm around my shoulders and pulling me into his side as we walked to his truck.

All I could do was nod.

Chapter 22

Brandon was still sleeping when I came out of the bathroom in the morning. He was such a contradiction, lying on his back, tangled in my soft, white sheets, muted sunlight peeking through the curtains. The tattooed, tanned expanse of his body and his dark hair contrasted beautifully against the stark white background, but his face was softened with sleep, giving him an almost boyish look. But trust and believe, there was nothing boyish about that man.

His left arm was thrown above his head and his right was resting along his stomach, his long, tapered fingers pointing the way down to that sleeping piece of him that drove me nuts. Unable to resist, I crept up to the bed, gently tugged the sheet up and carefully slid under it, situating my still naked self in a straddle over his legs.

I let the sheet drape over my head and softly kissed his hip bone, breathing in the sultry, musky, all-male scent of him. My cheek brushed against the velvety-soft skin of his length, still impressive even when it wasn’t engorged. I felt it twitch slightly, felt the slight change in Brandon’s breathing, and, knowing he was waking up, took that moment to slide his softened flesh between my lips, taking him completely inside the hot, moistness of my mouth, sucking lightly.

I heard a gasp sound above my head, felt his hips arch up into me, and I pressed myself further down over him, breathing through my nose and enjoying the feel of him hardening against my tongue.

My name exploded from his lips on a strangled moan that sent shivers down my spine and a rush of moisture to the apex of my thighs. I pulled back, stroking the length of him with my tongue as I did so, running the tip of it around the thick ridge of him at the top before dipping it into the tiny slit pearled with a drop of pre-cum.

I moaned at his taste, smiling to myself as he groaned again in response, and then gave a half-shout as I enclosed him in my lips again. I bobbed my head over him, loving the glide of his silk-covered hardness over my tongue and against my lips. I brought my hand up to play, stroking him in counterpart to my mouth, sucking and licking every inch of him in turn.

On a growl, Brandon buried his hands in my hair and held my head still as he began moving, essentially fucking my mouth with sharp, short thrusts. His rhythm faltered and I knew he was close. I felt him tug gently on my hair in desperation, giving me ample warning, but I knew what I wanted…and what I wanted was to drive him absolutely wild.

I tightened my grip just a bit, twisting my hand on the upstroke while I slid my lips down to meet my fingers, moving faster, letting him know without words that I wasn’t stopping. He was panting; I could hear it, but since the sheet was still over my head, I couldn’t see him. Suddenly, one of his hands untangled from my hair and the sheet was wrenched away.

I deliberately cut my eyes up at him, letting him see the naked need in my gaze, the heat shining bright as he watched every move I made on him. His muscles tensed and I could feel his control shattering even more as he thrust wildly against my lips before he came on a shout, spilling salty-sweetness over my tongue, moaning as I drank him down.

I didn’t remove my mouth until he was shuddering at every movement of my mouth over his over-sensitized flesh, and only then because he’d fisted his hands in my hair once more and tugged until I released him with a soft pop.

I sat up and grinned at the panting, spent, gorgeous, and sleep-roughened male beneath me. “Good morning,” I said to him, my voice husky.

“Mmmm…fuckin’ A that’s a good morning, baby. What’d I do to deserve that?”

I shrugged one shoulder and shifted so that I was lying on top of him, my chin propped up on my fists on his chest. His hand came up and pushed my hair back from my face, a tender, sweet gesture that made my heart thud just a little faster, even though it’s something he did on a regular basis now.

He ran his thumb over my bottom lip softly, his heavy-lidded eyes gleaming at me with emotion. I kissed the tip of his thumb and whispered, “I love you.”

Without missing a beat, he cupped my face and whispered back, “I love you more.”

I shook my head, smiling at him as I did. He nodded back and pulled me up until he could kiss me. When he released me, I asked, “What do you have planned today?”

“I figured since you guys were having a girls’ day, Luke and I would hang out at Jacks’s house. And just what are you girls gonna do during your girls’ day?”

I winked. “Guess that’s for me to know and you to not find out.”

“Oh, really,” he growled, his hands reaching for my waist.

I shrieked and tried to jump up, knowing that he was going to tickle me, but I didn’t get very far. His fingers dug in to my sides and I laughed uncontrollably, hating the fact that he knew my weak spots. I smacked at his hands and squirmed trying to get away but he was like an octopus. He managed to lean up and over me, pinning me to the bed as he straddled me legs and held me down, his fingers torturing my tender ribs and sides.

He paused for just a second, his eyes dancing with unholy glee and I felt his hands start sliding down.

“No…No…NO!” I screamed as his fingers gently dug into the crease of my thigh, the absolute most ticklish spot on my body, twisting and turning, breathless with laughter. “Okay, I give! I give! Brandon…please…ohmigod, I’m gonna pee myself. Stop!”

His fingers stopped and I looked at him, waiting to see what he was going to do. He leaned down and kissed me, his fingers moving down just a bit before sliding unerringly through my folds and then thrust inside me with no preamble.

“Ohhh…” I groaned, the word bursting from my lips in surprised pleasure.

“Yeah? Is that right, sunshine?” he whispered against my mouth, his thumb sliding against my clit, circling it as he hooked his fingers up to press against my g-spot, sending me straight to the edge in a hot second.

I arched my hips up, riding his hand, reaching for the orgasm that was shimmering just out of reach and then, sweet mother of heaven and everything good in this world, he twisted his fingers again, his thumb swiped over the beaded nubbin of my clit, and I exploded, raining warm honey over his fingers.

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