I shivered as he withdrew from my heat, my body spasming once more when he raised his hand to his mouth, sucking and licking my juices from his skin. I was panting, lust curling in my belly even after my release at the heat in his eyes as he stared down at me.

“Over. Hands and knees. Now,” Brandon said roughly.

His voice was dark, his gaze intent. My breath caught and I complied immediately, rolling over underneath him, pulling my knees up beneath me so my ass was in the air and my arms and cheek were pressed to the mattress. I felt him shift, moving his knees closer to my legs, pressing them together more rather than widening them. Before I could question, he ran his fingers along the dripping wet seam between my thighs, spearing his fingers in deep, once, twice, and then replaced them with his hardened length, pushing fully inside me in an unhurried thrust.

I groaned at the friction of him sliding inside me, the fullness of him seeming even larger and harder than ever with my thighs closed tight around him. He pulled back, almost completely out of me, and then thrust home again, harder than before. His hips slapped against my ass, making us both moan.

On a muffled curse, his control snapped and he gripped my hips tight in his hands, fingers digging into my flesh as he began pounding into me, each deep slide of him inside me building the anticipation, my muscles tightening, quaking beneath him as he pushed me closer to the edge. His left hand let go of my hip, slid around and pressed in, his fingers brushing against my swollen clit and that was it.

I came, crying out as I tumbled over the edge into pure bliss, shouting Brandon’s name as he slammed home one last time, locking himself as deep inside me as he could, and then filling me with the scalding heat of his seed. When the storm had passed, he pulled out and collapsed beside me, breathing heavy as he brushed my forehead with his lips.

“I swear to fucking jeebus, babe, it gets better every time,” he panted, quirking the corner of his lips up in a lopsided, half-goofy grin.

I laughed, cuddling into his side and kissing his chest. This was happiness.

I finally got out of bed again, showered and got ready to go. Brandon decided he’d drop me off since we were pretty much going to the same place. We pulled up to Emma’s house and I got out, waving to Brandon as he pulled away.

Before I got to the door, it opened and Hayden, Emma’s now 5 year old niece, came rushing out.

“Cwoey! Guess what? My mommy’s gonna haved another baby!” she crowed, her little pigtails flying behind her as she skidded to a stop in front of me.

I crouched down to her level (she was such a petite, cute little thing) and grabbed her hands. “That’s awesome, Hayden! Are you excited?”

She nodded vigorously and spun on her heel, pulling away from me to run inside again. I followed, looking around to see where the dogs were, but they were conspicuously absent. Emma was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher, Allie was sitting cross legged on the couch, nursing Liam, and Jenna was sitting in the armchair, Everly in her lap. She was looking down into the baby’s tiny little face and asking, “What am I gonna do? Huh? Uncle Noah is an asshole and knocked me up and my God, this is nuts!”

“Hey, Chloe,” Emma called from the kitchen before adding, “Jenna, quit cussing at my child. You want to cuss at a kid, do it to your own. God knows they probably have a worse vocabulary than all of us combined,” she finished, drolly.

“Ha ha ha,” Jenna said, her tone heavy on the sarcasm. “I didn’t even get a chance to tell Noah myself, or you. I mean, I didn’t even get to tell Chloe because Hayden has a big mouth!”

“Mommy…” Hayden scolded. “You hafta tawk nicewy now that you have a baby in your bewwy. And my mouf isn’t big. Your mouf is big. I sawed it get big when you was in the cwoset with daddy and you had his-”

“Jesus, Lord, ohmigod, Hayden go outside!” Jenna shrieked, startling the baby who started wailing. And of course, once Everly started, Liam felt left out, so he let go of Allie’s breast to join in the fun.

Emma rolled her eyes, dried her hands on a dish towel and came into the room to take her baby from her sister. Allie was trying desperately not to laugh as she patted Liam’s little bottom and bounced him a bit to calm him before switching him to the other side.

I was biting my lip to keep my own laughter at bay, waiting for Hayden to stomp out of the house onto the front porch before I looked at Jenna and said, “Well, hiding in closets for clandestine blow jobs, are we?”

She dropped her head in her hands and moaned as we all laughed.

We laughed even harder when Leah came in the door, cheeks completely red, sputtering in shock. “Do you know what your daughter just told me?” she asked Jenna, who’d looked up when the opened.

Jenna dropped her head again, this time leaning forward and banging it on the coffee table repeatedly. Emma smacked her on the top of the head and told her to knock it off before she said, “Well, it’s one of two things at the moment; either you now know that our eldest sister is knocked up again, or you have been familiarized with Jenna’s penchant for sucking penis in a hall closet. Am I close?”

“Yes, oh my God! She seriously just told me she saw Jenna with…wait, what? You’re pregnant?” she asked Jenna, incredulity coloring her words.

Jenna brought her head up off the table and gave Leah a pathetic look and a nod. She stuck her lip out and pouted.

Leah just rolled her eyes at her. “Bitch, don’t play me. We all know you are so absolutely in love with your husband and you are so in love with your kids and you’re just as happy about this one as you were Jarrod and Hayden.”

Jenna lost her pout and smiled. It was a small smile, but a smile nonetheless. “I know. I am happy about it and you’d think Noah was the one giving birth the way he’s been preening. He’s already told everyone down at the precinct-”

Emma’s eyes narrowed. “Wait. You’re telling me that Noah’s cop buddies knew before your family did?”

Jenna laughed nervously, shooting Emma and Leah a sheepish look. “He works with them every day and…” she trailed off. “At least I told you in person and we just found out yesterday. I took ten tests that all came out positive. I’m making an appointment on Monday to go in to the doctor. You wanna come with me?” she asked Leah.

“Yes!” Leah answered, and Emma smiled, her ire at not being told first disappearing.

I looked over at Allie who was sitting quietly, still nursing Liam. She grinned at me and shook her head, glancing over at Emma and her sisters with a fondness that only comes from years of friendship.

“So, where’re the dogs?” I asked in the comfortable silence that had descended.

Emma and Allie both grinned evilly, Allie going as far as to cackle-like seriously cackle. I swear I wanted to look around for Nanny when she did, because she sounded just like her. But would I tell Allie that? Yeah, probably. Heeheehee…

“I told Luke that he had to take them to Jacks’ with him since it’s girl’s day,” Emma answered. “So, since the babies have been fed, what do you guys think about going for some lunch?”

Everyone answered in the affirmative. Jenna got up and called Hayden in to wash up because, in the ten minutes since she’d sent her outside, she’d managed to find a mud puddle somewhere (or made one, more likely) and had mud up to her elbows. Miraculously, she’d kept most of the mud off her clothes, which is not the norm, so Jenna did a happy dance to celebrate. Must be the hormones…

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