And that was everything I ever dreamed of.

Chapter 26



“Chloe, sunshine, where are you?” Brandon called.

I stayed still and quiet, waiting for him to find me. I heard the thud-thud of boots being dropped to the floor, so I knew that he’d taken his shoes off. I heard the clink of his keys hitting the bowl on the table by the door. Then, finally, I heard soft footsteps coming down the hallway toward the bedroom, where I was waiting.

“Hey, do you want to go get some dinner or do something? Or are we staying in tonight?”

His voice was right outside the door. I knew he was going to be surprised, even though I’d warned him that I might have one for him when he got home. I also knew he wouldn’t really be expecting this kind of surprise. And trust me, when he saw my surprise, even though it was only about four in the afternoon, we would definitely NOT be going anywhere.

He pushed open the door and I heard him suck in a loud breath, then let out a long, low whistle. “Fuck me…” he groaned.

I let the corners of my mouth curve up slightly in a teasing smile. “No. Fuck me.”

“Sunshine…Christ you have no idea how fuckin’ hot you look.”

After my conversation with my mom, I’d done a little shopping. Now I was kneeling at the foot of the bed, wearing an outfit that consisted of nothing more than a few strategically placed leather strips and lace panels. They revealed more than they concealed, but I knew it wasn’t the outfit alone that had garnered that reaction from him.

No, it was probably the black satin blindfold I had tied around my eyes, my blond tresses pinned on top of my head in a haphazard knot so it wouldn’t get tangled. It was probably, even more so, the padded leather cuffs I’d snapped on my wrists, and the small array of items laid out on the bed behind me.

I’d taken a drive down to Hustler and picked up a new bottle of warming lube; a slim, smooth, short, tapered vibrator; and a light weight riding crop. I knew what I was getting into, what I wanted him to do to me.

And I was shivering in anticipation of it.

I felt him move closer to me, his soft, quiet footsteps bringing him within touching range. But I didn’t touch him. I could smell him, the warm, slightly musky, completely sexy and delicious scent of him, and I inhaled, breathing him in deeply.

I felt my pulse quicken at the rasp of a zipper. With the blindfold effectively cutting off my sight, my other senses were heightened, making this usually slight sound seem loud in the silence surrounding us. Every movement he made, every rustle of clothing, every jagged breath that left his lips stirred the stillness around me.

I could feel the anticipation like a living thing in the air, blanketing me until my skin tingled and my body vibrated; it was almost like having scuffed my feet across the carpet and gotten close to a metal surface afterward, that electrified sensation that comes before the shocking discharge.

I started as something soft touched my cheek, then lightly trailed across my lips. Unbidden, my lips parted and my tongue darted out, a low moan dragged from my throat as I tasted silky flesh and the unmistakable flavor that was Brandon before it was gone.

“I think I like this surprise,” he said, his voice gravelly and dark. “We playing by my rules, sunshine?”

“Yes.” One word, whispered into the silence.

“Hands behind your back,” he commanded.

I complied immediately, clasping my cuffed hands behind my back. He reached down and secured them together with the little metal clips hanging from them for that specific purpose. I felt him straighten again and the air stirred around me as he disrobed. I felt the small thump of his jeans hitting the carpet by my knees. I then heard the unmistakable sound of skin sliding on skin and gasped as I imagined him fisting himself, stroking the turgid length in front of me. The rough sigh of pleasure that sounded above my head confirmed it and my sex clenched in response.

I felt his hand cup my cheek, his thumb caressing my skin before he hooked it into the corner of my mouth, gently forcing my lips open and sliding it inside over my tongue, tracing the slight saltiness of his skin over my taste buds. I closed my lips around it, sucking with firm pulls, letting my cheeks hollow with the movement.

He growled and curled his fingers around my chin, hooking his thumb inside my mouth and pressing down on my tongue, forcing my jaw open. He didn’t hurt me; he was firm, a little rough, but in a good way. In a way that let me know he was in the moment with me, he was gonna give me what I wanted, let the darker side of him that I knew he had out to play.

“Open wide.”

I dropped my jaw more as he moved his hand away, opening my mouth for the intrusion of his thickness. Moisture flooded my core and my mouth watered in anticipation. A moan worked past my lips as he slid the silken head against my bottom lip, leaving a trace of wetness behind that my tongue immediately sought.

“Yessss…” he hissed as he followed my tongue, pushing the heated length of his hardness into the warmth of my mouth, stroking it against my tongue and lips in short, sharp thrusts. I worked to swallow around him, scraping him a bit with my teeth and I winced, thinking I’d hurt him. I’d used my teeth on him before, but not quite that hard.

“Christ, that’s good,” he groaned. “Suck me, Chloe.”

I blinked in surprise behind the blindfold, then berated myself for being shocked. It wasn’t like I’d bitten him or anything, but it was definitely enough to hurt him, I thought. Guess not. That turned things even warmer down below.

I closed my lips around him, leaning into him to take him deep. I felt the tip of him at the back of my throat and fought my gag reflex, pressing my tongue against the bottom of him as I breathed through my nose and swallowed. He jerked in my mouth, his hips thrusting helplessly as my throat muscles convulsed around him, massaging in counterpart to my suction.

Brandon’s hands came up, one cradling my jaw, the other spearing into the knot of hair on top of my head as he pulled me back, sliding himself out of my mouth. “I’m gonna fuck your mouth, baby, okay?” he asked, gruffly.

I nodded, my lips already parting to receive him once more. I groaned as he slid inside, smiling around his thickness as he swore under his breath again. He used his hands to guide me, once again gently hooking a thumb into the corner of my mouth to keep my jaw open as he began thrusting between my lips, sliding along my tongue with quick strokes.

I moaned at the feel of him, slick from my mouth, but also from the copious drops of moisture seeping from the tip, the taste lingering on my tongue making desire pool heavily between my thighs. He fucked my mouth roughly, all the while taking care not to hurt me. He grunted and groaned when his sensitive flesh scraped against my teeth, the slight edge of pain serving only to heighten his pleasure.

Finally, when his hips were moving rapidly, his thrusts becoming uneven and jerky, he thrust me away from him, depriving me of his release. I cried out and he shushed me. “It’s okay, baby, I just wasn’t ready to come yet. You okay? I wasn’t too rough?”

I shook my head immediately, though I did shift a little bit against the ache beginning to build in my knees and thighs from kneeling for so long on the floor. He must have noticed.

His hands reached down and gripped my waist, pulling me up off the floor and onto my feet in a fluid movement that only served to remind me of his strength. I loved it. I felt him reach behind me and unhook the cuffs, rubbing my hands to make sure I wasn’t losing feeling in them.