He pulled out almost all the way and I felt him shift a little before I felt liquid trickle over the puckered flesh he’d pressed his thumb against earlier. “I lied a little,” he said breathlessly as he placed the tip of the vibrator against that entrance, “I don’t have the patience for you to take me, but you can take this.”

I arched into him, pushing the tip of the vibrating toy just a bit deeper into the tight ring of muscle. “That’s it, baby,” he moaned as he watched it disappear into my body, leaving only the thicker, knobby handle of it nestled between my cheeks. The pulsing of it sent waves of pleasure through me that shot sky high when Brandon started thrusting inside me again, his pelvis rocking the vibrator with every movement.

It was double nirvana until his hand slid over my hip and his fingers circled my clit, thereby taking it to a triple threat, a trifecta of ecstasy that brought me, screaming, lost in the throes of an orgasm so explosive that I lost my breath, my body spasming uncontrollably as wave after wave of unbridled rapture washed over me.

Brandon’s thrusts became wild and his breathing erratic as he reached for release, finding it just seconds after mine, locking his hips tightly to mine as he came, pulsating as he filled me.

It took a while for him to move, but it seemed like mere moments before everything (and everyone) was cleaned up, I was free, and we were snuggled together on top of the comforter, both still breathing like we’d run a marathon.

“That…” Brandon gasped, “Was one hell of a surprise.”

I could only nod and grin.

“Chloe?” he asked, kissing my shoulder.


“You liked that riding crop.” It was a statement, not a question.

I nodded again.

“We’re going shopping tomorrow.”

My imagination went wild.

“Okay,” was all I said.

Chapter 27

Two Months Later

The moon is shining brightly

Over top your wee-bit head

So rest your eyes my little one

As Auntie tucks you into bed

Off to sleep now, off to dream

Snuggle in and hug me tight

I love you always and forever

Go to sleep, little one, goodnight.

I finished singing the lullaby twice over as I stared down at a now sleeping Liam. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see my brother smiling down at me. He reached down and took his sleeping son from my arms, kissing his forehead as he walked away to put him down for the night.

I stood and stretched, glancing out the French doors leading to the deck and the concrete apron of the pool beyond, where the usual suspects were before making my way out to join them. Allie was sitting on a lounger, laughing at something Emma had said. Luke was sitting on the lounger next to Allie’s, but Emma was positioned between his legs, leaning back against his chest, his arms wrapped securely around her.

Everyone had been here today to celebrate Jarrod’s birthday. He’d turned nine and, knowing that Allie would never tell him no, had begged to have his birthday party at Allie and Jack’s house so his friends could go swimming with him. Thankfully, that part had ended a couple of hours ago, leaving red plastic cups, paper plates, and pizza boxes scattered across every surface.

Jenna was exhausted, you could clearly tell. This pregnancy was doing a number on her. She’d lamented long and hard about how easy both of her other pregnancies were compared to this one. She was sick pretty much all day, but had high hopes that her second trimester would be a little easier. Allie had commiserated with her since her early pregnancy with Liam hadn’t been very pretty, either.

So we’d cleaned up and sent them on their merry way, though I think Noah wanted to stay longer. I also think that’s because they were letting five of Jarrod’s friends sleep over and have a movie marathon and he, since he’s the guy and not pregnant and hormonal, got to stay up and hang out with them. I’m also pretty sure this was told to him in no uncertain terms.

Everly was asleep already in the pack-n-play in Liam’s room, which is why her parents were free to snuggle and visit with friends. Allie had the baby monitor on the table beside her and was currently smiling as she listened to her husband, my brother, whisper to their son as he put him to bed.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Allie and Jackson had finally gotten married? They took a weekend trip to Gatlinburg about three weeks ago and decided, while they were there, that they’d get married. Turns out that it wasn’t so much of a decide-while-you’re-there-thing, but more of a planned-to-pretend-it-wasn’t-planned thing. Allie’s mom had cried because she didn’t get to plan a perfect wedding for her daughter (which, by the way, was exactly the reason they decided to elope), and while the rest of us were disappointed we couldn’t be there, we understood completely.

My mom, however sad she was that she missed it, actually applauded them for their decision. But that’s because Daisy cornered her with some ideas for the wedding and they were…well, typical Daisy.

Leah and Ian had left a couple of hours ago to meet with Ian’s parents for dinner. She’d alluded to the fact that it was an invitation they couldn’t refuse. Needless to say, she wasn’t overly fond of Ian’s parents, but she’d been pretty tight-lipped about why. They were supposed to come back, though, and should be here any time.

Calland had just left, but he was headed down to Griff’s to meet a group of his friends that he hadn’t seen in a while. We’d all been warned to keep our phones on just in case. When I asked why just in case, he’d just shook his head and laughed.

Emma had rolled her eyes and commented, “It’s just in case he gets a wild hair, does something stupid, and needs bail money. Or he just wants to drunk dial and needs to make sure his targets are available.”

I’d gasped, looking at her in alarm. “He’d really do something to get arrested?”

Everyone in Emma’s family had laughed and Jan had said, “No, honey, he wouldn’t. It’s a long running joke. We’ll explain one day.”

But now night was falling, the air was still warm, and I was surrounded by my closest friends, except for Leah. I looked around, smiling when my eyes came to rest on him.

Brandon. It’d be safe to say that I’ve fallen completely, irrevocably, and undeniably in love with that man. It’d be safe to say because I’ve said it before, but it’s safer to say now. And it’s even safer than that to say that the man loves me back with a passion that rivals any love story I’ve ever read. I know this because he tells me all the time.

And because…I glanced down at the diamond winking in the dim light on my finger…he proposed. No, he didn’t do it on bended knee (not his bended knees, anyway), and there were no flowery words and tears (I lied, I totally cried…but afterwards), because he’d done it while I was straddling him where he sat on the couch, when he was buried deep inside me, making love to me. He’d pulled my hand up, slid the ring on my finger, and nodded once, before he rocked my world. No words needed.

Not a story we can really tell anyone, but hey. It was perfect for me. (Wink wink) That had been the night that I’d put in motion the plan I’d made for the money Gage had dropped on me. I donated half of it to a couple different local charities that help battered women and children. The other half I kept, because I’d been told by pretty much everyone that I would be nuts if I didn’t have fun with at least a little of it. So I did. I sponsored a new football stadium for the high school, as well as some books that they needed but didn’t have funding for. I also started college funds for Liam and Everly. See? Fun!

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