I kept my fingers pressed against him, the vibrations feeding his release, and moved my head against the pressure of his hands, sliding him free of my mouth, only to slip him back inside, sucking and licking, until every drop had been wrung from him and he was twitching against me, his legs trembling with the effort to keep standing.

His voice came above me, hoarse and low. “No more…oh, God, Leah.”

I released him, thumbed off the vibration of the pads strapped to my fingers, and sat back on my heels, watching and smiling with smug satisfaction as he staggered and collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily.

My thighs clenched against the throbbing ache that had settled deep into my sex, and I shifted to my feet, stripping the device off my wrist and dropping it back onto the nightstand before I slid onto the bed beside Ian, pressing my breasts against his side and leaning in to kiss his jaw. He turned his head and captured my lips, his tongue tangling with mine in a deep kiss.

I broke from it on a sigh, unable to stop my body from shifting restlessly on the mattress.

Ian stared at me, his eyes still dark and shining with a heady mixture of love, lust, and satisfaction. “Beautiful girl…my God, you’re amazing.”

I felt his words on my skin like a caress, shivering against him. He moved, reaching up to cup my cheek. “You’re ready to explode, aren’t you, baby?”

I jerked a shoulder, but my body betrayed me, my thighs clenching tightly again. He slid his hand down and curled it around my thigh, pulling gently as he urged, “Come here.”

“Ian…” I whispered, but he narrowed his eyes, giving me a look that had heat tingling through my veins, pooling low in my belly.

“Baby, come here. Right now, you’re gonna get up here and I’m gonna eat your sweet pussy until you come all over my face. And then when I’m ready, I’m gonna spread you wide and fuck you hard and fast until you scream.”

Need surged through me and I complied, moving to straddle him. His hands slid under my ass, pulling me forward. I shifted with him, letting him move me where he wanted me until I was kneeling over his head, my glistening, soaked folds hovering over his mouth. I gasped as I felt the tip of his tongue just barely circle the engorged nub of my clit and then a jagged cry broke from my lips as his hands curled around my thighs, spreading them even wider as he pulled me down onto his mouth.

He ate at me voraciously, burying his face in the hot, silken flesh of my sex, his tongue spearing into my entrance, thrusting in and out and then swiping up to circle my clit again, closing his mouth over it and sucking, pulling it into his mouth and gently biting, sending sharp spirals of pleasure through my core.

He kept up his assault on my tender flesh, his fingers digging into my thighs as he held me down on his mouth, working me with his tongue until I broke, crying out my release as I flooded him with sweet honey. He lapped up every drop as I ground my pelvis down on him, shuddering and gasping, breathless with the piercing bliss washing over me until I was boneless and sated.

I carefully slid to the side, collapsing in a heap beside him as he gathered me in his arms, his lips finding mine and stealing what little breath I had left with a sweet kiss. When he finally released my mouth, we laid there entwined with each other in the silence broken only by our ragged breathing.

Then when we’d come down enough, he rolled, nudging my thighs apart and settling his hips between them before he pressed inside me and did everything he promised he would.

And then some.

Chapter 10

I rolled over and silenced the alarm blaring through the room, effectively silencing a groaning Ian, too.

He pulled me into his arms and tucked me back into his side, grumbling in my hair, “Why the hell did you set the alarm clock on a Sunday?”

I patted his shoulder and kissed his chest, yawning as I answered, “Breakfast at Mom and Dad’s, remember?”

“God…” he groaned again, burying his face against me further.

We’d been up most of the night, both of us taking turns exploring each other with the new toy I’d gotten from Allie’s party last night (I was lucky, it was the only one she’d had with her), neither one of us remembering, or even caring for that matter, that we had to be up early to be at my parents’ house. Thank God I’d set my alarm earlier that evening before we’d left just to be sure I wouldn’t forget, or there would have been hell to pay.

I could only imagine my mother stomping into my house, into the bedroom, whipping the covers off of us (naked or not), and screeching at us to get our asses in gear. Because she’d do it, just to make sure all of her babies were together for breakfast, especially since we hadn’t done it in a while.

I cuddled closer to Ian for a moment longer, then pulled away, sliding out of bed and stretching before I walked into the bathroom to take care of business. I stepped into the shower, the steam billowing around me, making me moan as the hot water pounded down on muscles sore from the vigorous activities of the previous night. I was halfway through my shower routine before I realized that Ian had never stumbled into the room.

“Ian!” I hollered, my voice echoing through the room. “You have to get up!”

I laughed as I heard him growl then yell back, “I’m awake! Isn’t that enough?”

“No,” I shouted back. “Get moving, we’re gonna be late!”

Forty-five minutes later, we were showered, dressed, and pulling into my parents’ driveway. “Damnit,” I muttered under my breath, realizing that we were the last ones to arrive. We hurried inside, calling out hellos, counting it as a minor blessing that they hadn’t started eating yet. Most of them were all sitting in the living room, with the exception of Emma, Jenna, Mom, and Daisy, Allie’s mom.

I glanced around, looking for Chloe (since my mom had guilted her into coming today), noticing that she wasn’t in the room, either, but Brandon was, sitting beside a man that I’d never seen before. I raised an eyebrow at him in question and he just gave a barely perceptive shake of his head, telling me silently that he’d tell me later. I glanced up at Ian to see him watching Brandon with the same inquisitive expression that I had, but let it go. Ian joined Luke, Brandon, and the stranger on the couch, saying hi to Noah, who was sitting on the loveseat with Jackson, holding Caleb. Allie, her dad, and Calland were on the floor with Everly, Liam, and Hayden, while Jarrod sat on the arm of my dad’s recliner, showing him some kind of handheld game. I waved to everyone and then walked into the kitchen to tell my mom, sisters, and Daisy hello.

“Leah, hi, honey!” Mom said when I entered the room, not giving me a chance to speak. “Do me a favor and have one of the guys open this jar for me. I can’t get it open!”

She thrust a jar of strawberry jam at me and turned back to the stove. Jenna was standing at the counter pouring batter into muffin pans, and Emma was at the toaster, toasting what looked like a whole loaf of bread.

“Oooh, we’re having popovers?” I asked as I gripped the jar and turned the lid, giving my mom a WTF look when it popped right off in my hand.

She just sighed and shook her head. “I couldn’t get it open. Don’t judge me.”

“Where’s Chloe?” I asked the room in general. “And who’s the dude on the couch?”

Before I got an answer, my niece Hayden ran into the room, shouting. “Mommy, Daddy said he needs your boobies, please.”

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