I finally broke away on a moan when I heard Chloe yelling for me to hurry up. “Damn you’re good at that,” I sighed. With a quick smack to his chest, I bounded from the bed, scolding, “Now keep your lips to yourself or I’ll never get out of here.”

He laughed softly behind me, stacking his hands behind his head as he watched me get dressed. And yes, I may have put a little extra wiggle in my hips as I did it…but I heard no complaints.

When Chloe yelled at me again, I leaned over the side of the bed and kissed Ian quickly, hollering goodbye as I dashed out of the room. Chloe was holding a travel mug in one hand, my purse and keys in the other, urging me out the door.

“Geez,” I muttered, taking the mug and everything else from her. “I just woke up and you’re rushing me…feel like I’m getting kicked out of my own house!”

She pushed me out the door, pulling it shut behind her. “Grumble all you want, but today is going to be awesome. So smile, sunshine!”

I smirked, walking to the passenger side of her car. “Isn’t that illegal?”


“Calling someone sunshine. I thought that was reserved solely for your future husband when speaking to you.”

She tsked. “Someone’s grouchy. You just sit back and drink your coffee…leave the rest to me. For now, at least…”

Chapter 21

“Chloe, we need to get going! We’re going to be late for your own bachelorette party!” I cried, looking at my phone to check the time. “We have an hour to get ready and everyone will be showing up!”

She waved her hand at me, indicating she heard me, but not bothering to move any quicker.

“I have to find something really cute to wear tonight.” She moved down another aisle, sorting through skirts one by one.

“We’ve been to five stores today, not counting the liquor store. The outfit you bought at the first place is super hot, so let’s go!” I whined, slumping along behind her. “Seriously, the limo will be picking us up in an hour.”

She stopped in her tracks. “You got me a limo?” she asked, incredulously.

I blinked at her. “That’s what got your attention? Not the fact that we’re running late?”

“A limo?” she repeated.

“Oh my God, Chloe, yes! A limo! How the hell else are we supposed to get around when we’re all drinking? We used one for Emma’s party, why would you think we wouldn’t do the same for you?”

“Well, I don’t know,” she hedged. “I just figured…I mean it’s not like I’m family or anything. I just…” she shrugged.

My eyes narrowed at her and she swallowed. “Not family? Chloe, you are family, and if I ever hear you say otherwise, I’m gonna punch you in the face. I’m being totally serious, too.”

Her eyes filled up with tears and she rushed in to give me a tight hug. “I don’t know how I got so lucky to find such great friends…family,” she hurried to finish when I cleared my throat at her.

I hugged her back even tighter. “You deserve it all, sweetie. Now, can we go get ready now? You got me up early to shop and eat food all day, and I was supposed to be getting stuff together for the party.”

“Pshaw. You’ve had the bags ready to go for a couple weeks now, so don’t give me that. You just wanted to spend the day in bed with Ian.”

I grinned. “Is there something wrong with that?”

She grinned back. “No, but I figured since Brandon had to go in to work for a couple hours and I couldn’t spend the day in bed with him, you wouldn’t get to do it with your man.”

“You bitch!” I yelled, laughing,

With that, I was able to finally drag her away from the stores and home to get dolled up for her party night. We’d been gone so long that Ian was on his way out when we got to my house, looking sexy as hell in a fitted button down and tight, ripped jeans.

I stepped in front of him and tipped my face up for his kiss. “You look so yummy,” I drawled, winking up at him.

“Yummy?” he snorted, quirking a brow at me.

“Yep. I said yummy. You got a problem with that?”

He shook his head and smiled fondly. “I suppose not.”

I kissed him briefly and moved around him, stopping only to smack his ass as I hollered, “Now get your ass outta here! We got girly shit to do!”

His answering laughter followed him through the kitchen and out into the garage as he left.

After that, it was nothing but a flurry of activity as both Chloe and I got dressed up to go out on the town to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. Thank God I had two bathrooms, because both of us had to shower, since we’d been here, there, and everywhere all over town that day.

Forty-five minutes later, my sisters and Allie showed up, and not long after that, the Moms all came. And by the Moms, I meant my mom, Jan; Allie’s mom, Daisy; Chloe’s mom, Sarah; and yes, even Nanny, Allie’s grandma. Needless to say, it was shaping up to be one interesting evening, because Nanny was a last minute edition; the last we’d heard, she’d said she was, ‘too old to be gadding about town like a harlot.’ Not to mention, we were planning on hitting up the strip club tonight, too, and God only knows how that was gonna go with Nanny riding along.

But whatever happened, I knew it was gonna be fun.

I started passing out goody bags, saving all the items I’d gotten for Chloe for last. Before I’d even turned around with Chloe’s Bride-to-Be sash, Nanny had a penis headband on her head, the kind with the two big-ish penises attached to long, floppy springs (I didn’t buy that), a penis shaped shot glass on a beaded necklace looped around her neck (okay, so I did buy that), and she’d opened up her jumbo cock pop and stuck it in her mouth.

Every single one of us stood there with varying expressions of horror, shock, and humor plastered on our faces as she twirled the oversized, penis-shaped sucker in her mouth before popping it out and saying, “Mmm…blueberry. Why can’t all of ‘em taste that good? I know I’d be more likely to put it in my mouth on a regular basis if they did. Hmm.”

She cocked her head and stared at me. “You got any more of those things? Maybe I could just wet it down and rub it along-”

“Nanny!” Allie gasped, and her mom was right there with her, yelling, “Mom!”

My mom just shook her head and grinned while Sarah blinked, not quite used to Nanny’s antics yet.

Yep. This was definitely gonna be an interesting night.

Four hours later, we’d had dinner at Manny’s (kind of tradition at this point), we’d been to a couple of bars, including Griff’s, and were just leaving Shimbots, where Emma’s friend, Needa Mann, had bought us all two rounds of shots. She tried to get us to stay for her drag show, but we were on our way to the strip club.

I’d reserved a table up front, just like Allie had done for Emma, with Chloe seated right by the stage. Her cheeks were flushed with alcohol and happiness, just as I imagined most of our faces were.

Nanny had tussled a little bit with Allie, who’d just so happened to take the seat across from Chloe, which put her right by the stage, as well. Eh…maybe it wasn’t so much of a tussle as Nanny just told Allie to move her scrawny ass because she was sitting there because she has bad eyesight and needs to be able to see those ‘dangling wangers’ up close.

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