Nanny’s kind of a perv. But we love her.

I barely cracked open my eyelids and slammed them back down, squeezing them tightly shut against the bright sunlight flooding the room.

I burrowed deeper into the blankets and cuddled closer to the super-soft, sweet smelling pillow under my cheek.

A rumble of laughter caught my attention, but the words that followed it had my eyes popping open wide.

“I’m not sure if we should be aroused or amused at this point,” a low, sleep laden voice mused.

My eyes widened even more as they took in the view directly in front of them, which was the t-shirt clad chest of someone decidedly female. The body of which my arm was wrapped around, whose arm was also thrown over my side, so that we were basically sleep-hugging.

I raised my head, shaking it and blinking as I looked around. I had a head-ache, that’s for sure…and I know things got a little fuzzy last night after the last pink panty dropper I’d had (the cocktail, not the punch), but I didn’t think I’d drank enough to warrant waking up wrapped around my best friend. The kicker of it, though, was when I raised my head, I’d noticed the Chloe and I weren’t alone in the bed.

In fact, I was staring into the grinning face of Brandon, who was lying on the other side of Chloe…and when I turned my head, it was to see the also-grinning face of Ian, who was lying behind me.

“Uh…” I couldn’t say anything else.

Our arms were still around each other when I glanced down to see Chloe staring up at me, frowning.

Her head jerked back and she squinted, her mouth opening and closing, but nothing came out.

“Good morning, Sunshine,” Brandon said softly behind her.

I had to laugh when Chloe’s eyes got even bigger and her head spun around in shock. “Oh my God! What the fuck is happening here?” she cried, then screeched when she lifted her head to see Ian still lying behind me, his head propped up on his hand.

“Ian? Why…did we…how drunk was I?” she moaned, plopping her head back down on the pillow and trying to cover her face with her hands, gaping at me when she realized that we’d been holding each other.

Finally, Ian broke the stunned silence permeating the room. “You two were sleeping when we got home, so we crawled in here with you since every other surface in our house was taken, unless we wanted to pull an Emma and Allie and sleep on the kitchen table and counters.”

“Huh? I asked, carefully removing my arm from Chloe and sitting up. “What do you mean?” Then I snorted, the situation really hitting me. “Guess it’s a good thing we have a king size bed, huh?”

I grinned at the round of chuckles that brought from my other bedmates.

We all sat up and Brandon chimed in. “Well, Nanny and Daisy are in the spare bedroom, snoring up a storm. Allie and Emma are sharing the couch, and Chloe’s mom is in the recliner.”

“Where’s my mom?” I asked.

“Oh, your dad picked her up when he was dropping the babies off to my brother and Jacks. And he said to tell you that he loves you, he loves your sisters, and he loves your brother, but the next time you all go out and leave him and Noah with all the kids, he’s killing you all.”

“Well, he volunteered,” I muttered. “Besides, I don’t even have a kid, so why’s he telling you to tell me?”

Brandon smiled evilly. “He said to pass it along to each and every one of you, including your mom. But you get to tell her now that I told you.”

“Chicken shit,” I coughed out, barely attempting to conceal my words.

He nodded solemnly, making me laugh again.

I stretched, almost knocking Ian off the bed in the process. With a sheepish smile, I apologized and suggested that we get up and go wake everyone else.

As Brandon walked by me, I reached up and wacked the back of his head, making him wince and yell, “Hey! What the hell was that for?”

“That was for your comment, you ass!”

“What comment?” he said, defensively.

I answered him, deepening my voice comically as I mocked, “I don’t know if we should be amused or aroused right now.”

Brandon drew back and huffed exaggeratedly. “That’s not what I said.”

“Yes, it was!” I shouted. “Don’t you lie!”

“I’m not lying,” Brandon stated simply. “You just didn’t say exactly what I said. I said, I’m not sure if we should be aroused or amused at this point.”

I rolled my eyes. “Seriously? That’s almost exactly what I just said, just with a couple different words. You’re such a smart ass, Brandon. You know that?”

“I know,” he replied, smugly.

I just walked away from him, shaking my head.

I heard movement in the kitchen and went to investigate while Chloe gently shook my sister’s shoulder, trying to get her up.

I stopped dead in the doorway to the kitchen, grunting when Ian ran into me from behind.

Nanny was traipsing around the kitchen in one of Ian’s t-shirts, her bare little chicken legs sticking out the bottom. His shirt covered her from neck to shin, and her hair was sticking straight up in the air, almost like she’d put her finger in a light socket.

“Good morning!” she crowed, waving at me with the spatula she had clenched in her hands. “I figured I’d get up and make breakfast for you sleepy heads.” She addressed Ian over my shoulder. “I snuck in and grabbed one of your shirts, cause I didn’t know I’d be sleeping over. You guys were so cozy lookin’, all snuggled up in that big ol’ bed.” She looked back at me. “I put my clothes in the washer. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Uh…no. Nope, I don’t mind. What time you did you get up, Nanny?” I asked her, entering the kitchen to see what she was cooking.

“I don’t know, it was like five a.m. I tried to get Daisy up to take me home, but that damn woman would only snore and bat me away.”

I snatched a piece of bacon from a pile and she smacked me with the spatula.

“You go on and get everybody in here so we can eat,” she ordered.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered cheekily, biting into the bacon with a grin.

Once everyone was at least half-awake, I ushered them into the kitchen where Nanny fed us all heaping plates of pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs.

The talk quickly turned to tales of last night’s activities, including Nanny’s blow by blow account of the “Buff Daddy” that shook his “man meat” in her face so close she’d been afraid he’d poke her eye out.

“So, I take it your night wasn’t as wild?” Chloe asked Brandon.

“Not really. We weren’t out too late because Luke and Jacks promised they’d get the kids from Emma’s dad and Noah, and it just wasn’t as fun without you girls around like last time,” Brandon replied, dryly.

“And you’re full of it, too,” Emma answered.

“Rule number one of Bachelor Party Law is you don’t speak of what happens!” Brandon called out, earning him a swat from Chloe. He just grinned, because he knew we knew he was kidding.

I thought of something then and turned to Allie. “Hey, you remember how many life savers you put on that Suck-for-a-Buck shirt you made Chloe?”