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‘ wouldn’t have been a favour...’

‘No?’ Alessio prompted thickly.

‘I always liked making you lose was almost as exciting as losing it myself,’ Daisy confided abstractedly, in severe shock and unable as yet to emerge from it. In one bitter bout of confidence, Alessio had yanked the ground from beneath her feet. All those years ago, he had not turned away from her in deliberate rejection. No, indeed. Incredible as it seemed to her, Alessio had still been seething with unabated lust for her dumpy little barrel of a body, and that thought knocked Daisy sideways and over.

‘Please...don’t say things like that,’ Alessio groaned, and with lean, strong hands he gradually drew her up the poised length of his taut, muscular body, letting her find out for herself why he was trembling as she came into head-spinning contact with the bold, hard jut of his aroused masculinity.

Held level with the scorching blaze of his eyes, Daisy hadn’t a single thought in her entire head. Every wanton skin cell in her body was busy limbering up at the starting line and Alessio did not disappoint her. He took her mouth with a wild, hot hunger. Excitement hit her in a violent shock wave of response. In an instant, she closed her arms round him, sent her fingers delving blissfully into his luxuriant hair and only uttered an encouraging moan when he sent his hands travelling down over her hips and clamped them to her slim thighs to hold her in place.

That single kiss blazed into fiery heat. Her head spun. Her heart raced. The passion she had damped down and suppressed for too long exploded in a shower of multicoloured fireworks and blew her away. With a muffled growl of raw satisfaction, Alessio hungrily probed her mouth with a wickedly erotic precision that imitated a far more primal possession.

He set her down and flipped her round, his seeking mouth delving in marauding exploration of the soft, sensitive skin between her neck and her shoulder, discovering pulse points she had forgotten existed. Daisy extended her throat in an ecstasy of shivering pleasure and automatically snaked her hips back into the hard, thrusting heat of him, feeling him shudder in urgent sexual response to that helpless provocation.

He brought his hands slowly, caressingly up over the straining thrust of her breasts, their swollen fullness pushing against the smooth cotton of the shirt. As his thumbs brushed and circled over the aching prominence of her nipples, all Daisy’s breath escaped at once. Damp heat surged between her trembling thighs and her legs buckled. Twisting her round, Alessio lifted her against him to bring her down on the bed, locking her mouth urgently beneath his again.

‘You said I was incredible in bed,’ Alessio breathed raggedly, blazing golden eyes holding her entrapped as he sat up and peeled off his shirt. ‘It wasn’t true. We were incredible together...’

As a muscular golden brown expanse of chest highlighted by a triangle of curling black hair filled her vision, Daisy started melting from outside in, languorous weakness enclosing every limb. Alessio leant over her, releasing the buttons on the shirt then spreading the edges apart with deft fingers, to gaze down at the pouting swell of her pale breasts with explicit appreciation.

As their eyes collided again and meshed, Daisy quivered in sensual shock. He lowered his dark head and his mouth engulfed an achingly tender pink nipple, making her jerk and moan in unconscious supplication as her fingers tangled with his hair and then clutched blindly at his shoulders. The sensuous glide of his teeth was followed by the soothing sweep of his tongue. Her breath escaped in torturous bursts, her whole body burning up.

Somewhere irritatingly close a telephone shrilled and she frowned. Alessio cursed with what breath remained to him. Two more rings and a vicious burst of Italian was dragged from him. With the abruptness of violent frustration, he lifted himself away from her and lunged a seeking hand down to retrieve a mobile phone.

Then, unexpectedly, Alessio froze, dark blood highlighting the hard slant of his cheekbones while Daisy watched him in growing fascination.

‘His,’ he murmured with surprising warmth. ‘Sì...Sì...wonderful...terrific...great ... Would you like to speak to your mother?’

‘Tara?’ Daisy mouthed, her embarrassment as instinctive as it would have been had their daughter walked in and surprised them in bed together.