Page 64 of Expectant Bride

Ellie closed her arms round him tightly. 'You make me so happy.'

'That's what I'm here for...' Somewhat distracted by his need to seal his mouth hotly to hers while at the same time backing towards the bedroom, Dio finally contrived the feat and got them both as far as the bed. 'And to give you this...before you dare to suggest that I rushed down here in the most uncool manner imaginable just because I could not wait to go to bed with you!'

Ellie gazed down at the exquisite diamond eternity ring he was now sliding onto her finger and she just melted back into him. 'Oh,'s gorgeous.'

'It's engraved with the date we first met.'

'Gosh, you're getting so romantic!' Ellie sighed.

Dio looked exceedingly smug. 'You may have set up the candles and the note, but I brought the champagne and had a rose put on the pillow.'

Ellie's eyes widened and her face fell. 'You mean my note wasn't a surprise?'

Dio winced, registering the error of one-upmanship.

A slow, misty smile curved Ellie's generous mouth and she pushed Dio gently back against the pillows. 'I just love you to death when you drop yourself in a big tactless hole,' she told him helplessly.

'I don't quite follow that.' Dio surveyed her with adoring eyes that had a definite hint of bemused relief.

Ellie arranged herself sinuously round him, knowing he didn't understand. But that anxious look he had worn when he had feared that he had hurt her feelings just turned her heart inside out. 'Great minds think alike,' she whispered soothingly.

'You are just amazing...' Dio curved her so close she could hardly breathe.

But then, at the moment, breathing was not half as impor¬tant as the urgent need to seal their love in the most intimate way of all. Ellie meant to tell him just how amazing he was as well. But the electrifying combination of passion and joy¬ous happiness now unleashed ensured that she didn't tell him until the following morning.