The unknown soldier

He may have lost his memory, but not his mercenary skills. And once Jack Coburn learned his real name, he sought out the woman who could help him piece together the rest of his past. Lola Famosa had hired the green beret months ago to find her missing brother. And that mission had nearly cost him his life.

But locating the lovely doctor presented new dangers. Someone was determined to keep Lola from her quest, and her life hung in the balance. Jack's first concern might have been regaining his memory, but now it was all about protecting Lola. For she was the one thing this loner was determined to keep.

"Nothing's ringing any bells." Except Lola in those jeans as she bent over the drawer. That rang his bells.

She spun around, pinching a card between two fingers. "Got it."

"It's a start. Maybe this guy can tell me if I have a home, a family...a wife."

Lola's long, dark lashes fluttered. "I doubt it."

He plucked the card from her fingers and slipped it into his back pocket. "You doubt I have a home, a family and a wife?"

"You may have a home and a family, but no self-respecting wife would allow her husband to go gallivanting around the world saving other people's families." Her jaw formed a hard line as if daring him to dispute her logic.

"I don't know about that." He held up his left hand. "But I don't feel married."

Could he be lusting after this hot doctor if he were?


Jack Coburn--He has a name on a piece of paper and a million bucks in a suitcase, but no memory. He turns to a beautiful Cuban-American doctor to help him find his way, but ends up bringing danger to her more ways than one.

Lola Famosa--Her brother is missing in Afghanistan and now the man she hired to negotiate his release is back in Miami with no recollection of his mission and a target on his back. She jumps at the chance to help him regain his memory, but fears that his old life will torpedo their growing attraction.

Gabriel Famosa--A research scientist, he was kidnapped to further a terrorist plot. Will the man his sister sent to rescue him regain his memory in time to save him? Or will he be complicit in a plan to hold the world hostage to terrorist demands?

Emilio Diaz--A shady associate of Lola's crime-boss father, he may just hold the key to Jack's identity...if he's not killed first.

Eddie Hidalgo--This young boy is Dr. Famosa's favorite patient, but being close to Dr. Famosa has its risks.

Dr. Lesley Jerome--A psychiatrist at Miami Hope Hospital, Dr. Jerome is willing to help Jack try to regain his memories by any means necessary.

Hector Villagrande--The man who murdered Eddie's mother has a grudge against Lola, and getting out of jail on a technicality allows him plenty of opportunity to get even.

Farouk--Prospero's former nemesis has expanded his business model and taken his terror worldwide, and this time it's personal.

Colonel Scripps--Prospero's coordinator, the colonel knows he can summon all of the former team members with one call. He just hopes it's not too late to save Prospero's leader, Jack Coburn.

For Margery. Thanks for keeping me company in "The Lounge".


An invisible net tightened around Jack Coburn.

His gaze flicked to the black suit with the dark shades. Was he speaking into his lapel? A man at two o'clock straightened his shoulders and reached beneath his jacket. Was he going for a gun?

Adrenaline spiraled through Jack's body, and the hair on the back of his neck stood at attention. He'd arrived in Miami under an assumed name. Did the suits know that fake name? Had they given him that name?

Shifting his eyes to the left, he marked another suspicious person, this one dressed in a loud aloha shirt and talking to himself. Jack picked them out with the ease of a bloodhound on a scent...only he was the prey.

Hanging back a moment, Jack slipped his hand through the arm of a pretty blonde who'd given him a dazzling smile in the coach section of the airplane. She let out a little gasp and Jack ducked his head, his lip close to her ear.

"Can you pretend you're with me? I'm trying to avoid someone, and if she sees me with you she'll back off."

The blonde recovered quickly and a pretend pout hovered at her lipsticked mouth. "Pretend all you want. I'll help you out, even though you ignored me on the flight."