"Slow down. It may not mean anything--just words--and those words gave me a helluva headache."

Her smile crumpled and she pushed to her feet. "Where does it hurt?"

"All over." The sharp pain had dulled to a throbbing ache.

Lola positioned herself behind him and threaded her fingers through his hair. She kneaded his scalp with her fingertips, and he closed his eyes at the soothing sensation.

"Is that better?"

He'd given himself over completely to Lola's touch. She had healing hands, but he felt much more than solace from pain. As she massaged him, a slow flame had kindled in his belly and threatened to head south.

He cinched her wrist lightly. "That's better. Thanks."

Her hand fluttered over his forehead, and she pushed the hair back from his face. "I'm going to get you some ibuprofen. I really think you should see my friend, the psychiatrist."

She stepped away from him and he immediately missed her warmth. God, he couldn't afford to get too dependent on Lola. He'd take the card she'd given him and contact this go-between, get his own life back before he could be of any use to Lola and her brother.

She returned with a refilled glass of water, cupping a green gel cap in her palm. "Take this--even though I really want you to remember more, I don't want you to go through any more pain tonight."

He pinched the capsule from her hand and popped it in his mouth, chasing it with a gulp of water. "I didn't try to remember. The words came to me when I saw your brother's picture. Do you have any more?"

She clicked the mouse and jumped from picture to picture of her brother--sailing a boat, running a race, parasailing--the guy never stopped. All the while, she threw sidelong glances his way, expecting him to fall on the floor in a fit of remembrance.

Jack shook his head, stretching his legs out on either side of the kitchen chair. "Nothing. I'm sorry."

Giving him a crooked smile, Lola lifted one shoulder. "You remembered something, and that's a start. Maybe when you talk to Emilio, he can give you more information to get the ball rolling again."

He knew he had to leave, even though he wanted to stay here and talk to Lola all night, find out what made her tick. He was sick of his life or the lack thereof. Sick of wondering, guessing, theorizing.

He eased from the chair and tucked it beneath the table. Clamping the back of his neck and twisting his head from side to side, he sauntered to a set of long, curved windows. "Nice view."

She joined him, meeting his eyes in the window's reflection. "That's why I chose this unit, for the windows on the corner of the curved building and for the view."

"But you could be living in your parents' house in Coral Gables?"

"Gables Estates." She scrunched up her face as if she hadn't just named the most exclusive area of Miami.

"Nice area."

"Gabe stays there...when he's not roaming the globe. He's less fastidious about his place of residence than I am."

Jack waited with one raised eyebrow, but she refused to take the bait. He blew out a breath, creating a patch of mist on the window, and patted his back pocket. "I'll contact Emilio tomorrow."

"Just do me a favor and don't stalk him like you did me. He's not the type of guy to appreciate a hand over his mouth or a gun in his ribs. He'll shoot first and ask questions later."

"I didn't follow you long, just enough to get a sense of your schedule and habits--which you should vary, by the way, to be on the safe side."

She snorted and rubbed a fist on the windowpane, wiping out his breath. "Nice of you to worry about my safety now when you scared the spit out of me at the morgue."

Jack lifted his jacket off the back of a chair and felt for his weapon. "What are you talking about?"

"The morgue." She folded her arms across her chest. "When I was in there, you were creeping around outside. I didn't appreciate it."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Lola." He shrugged into his cheap jacket. So that was what she'd meant by the comment in the car. "I never went inside the hospital. I waited in your car."

Her eyes darkened to a swampy green. "Really? When you jumped me in my car, I figured you were the one lurking around the morgue."

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