Their bodies lined up, and Jack rested his chin on top of her head as he skimmed his hands across her skin, shaping and kneading. He then tilted back her head and possessed her mouth with his.

His kiss branded her. It seared her very soul, and with it he imprinted himself on her memory forever. No matter what happened in their future, no matter what Jack discovered about his past, he would always be a part of her.

He rolled her onto her back and straddled her, his knees on either side of her hips. He planted a path of kisses from her throat to the juncture of her legs. He returned to her breasts and teased her nipples with his tongue until her head thrashed from side to side.

He parted her thighs with his knee, and she reached up to drag her fingernails across his sculpted chest. He captured her hand and pressed a kiss on her palm.

His dark eyes, veiled no longer, glimmered in the low light of the room, and then he said, "She doth teach the torches to burn bright."

And with that quotation from Romeo and Juliet lingering between them, he entered her...and her world shattered.

JACK TUCKED THE COVERS AROUND Lola's shoulders and crept out of the bedroom. After yesterday's events at the hospital, she needed her sleep. Hell, she needed her sleep after last night's events between the sheets.

Would he regret that night of passion when he came face-to-face with a long-lost wife? No. There couldn't be another woman in his life. It didn't matter how many cracks on the head he endured, he'd never forget a woman like Lola.

He jogged downstairs and cranked on the coffeemaker. They had a long day ahead of them. He'd start some inquiries into his military records and his attendance at Stanford, and then they had to pay a visit to Cain, Gabe's research partner.

He'd have to do everything in his power to protect Lola while they were out and about. After reading Gabe's letter last night, he had a clearer understanding of the threats to Lola's safety.

The people who snatched Gabe in Afghanistan believed Lola possessed information about the vaccine. As long as she held on to the key to the formula, her life remained in jeopardy.

The alarm on the front door beeped once and Jack spun around in time to see Rosa, loaded down with bags of groceries, stagger into the foyer. He sprinted for the door as a bag slid down the length of her body. He snagged it before it hit the floor.

"Ah, gracias, Mr. Jack." She put a hand on her generous hip and blew a strand of hair off her face. "Is Miss Lola still sleeping?"

He plucked a bag from her other arm. "You can call me just Jack, you know."

"Like the kids say, I'm old-school." She stooped to retrieve a bag from the tiled entryway. "I worked for Lola's parents for a long time, and I used to wear a maid's uniform for them."

Stepping back to let her pass, he said, "What were Lola's parents like?"

"Old-school." She grinned as she brushed past him on her way to the kitchen. "Eduardo Famosa was a teenager at the time of the revolution. He'd already started pulling some scams around the clubs in Havana. When he landed in the U.S., he graduated to bigger scams until he was sort of a godfather character in the Cuban community of Miami. Delores, his wife, adored him."

"And the kids, Lola and Gabe, how'd they cope with their father'"

She shrugged, expressing everything and nothing. "Kids cope. They grew accustomed to the bodyguards following them to their private school. Mr. Famosa, he was shot once, but Lola and Gabe weren't with him at the time."

Jack leaned against the sink, folding his arms. "They must've sensed the danger. It was probably rough on them."

"Si, but they're both strong, and Mr. Famosa pushed them into medical school. There was no question that they would follow in his footsteps. He never would have allowed it."

Jack clenched his jaw. Lola had walked a narrow precipice as a kid, and now he'd brought that menace back into her life. Even with his memories intact, he was surrounded by danger. Now he knew without a doubt he couldn't be married, because what kind of man would bring a woman into this shadowy world?

He'd made the biggest mistake in his short memory by making love to Lola last night. All night.

"What are you two cooking up?"

Jack glanced up, his gaze raking over Lola, with her tousled hair and rumpled nightshirt that hit just above her knees. His breath hitched in his throat at the memory of sliding his hands over her silky skin. His arms ached with the need to drag her into his arms and kiss the sleepiness from her face.