"Exactly right. But I have a plan, a code."

She rubbed her hands together. "This is getting good."

Shoving the tips of his fingers in his pocket, Jack studied her. For a woman who'd grown up under a cloud of danger, a walk on the wild side sure lit her fuse. "Are you ready?"

She hopped from the table and retrieved her purse. "Should I use my cell phone or the prepaid one we bought?"

"Use the prepaid one." He dragged a chair from under the table, dropped into it and brought up the CIA's website. "Let's start with the general phone number and work our way inside."

By the time Lola had been transferred to the fifth operator, they started to make progress.

"I'm trying to leave an important message for Colonel Frank Scripps."

"Who is calling, please?" The woman's voice sounded bored. The spy business must be slow this week.

Lola's jaw dropped and she paused. Jack twirled his finger in the air, and she cleared her throat.

"My name isn't important."

"And what is your message for Colonel Scripps?"

Lola met his eyes and he nodded once, giving her the okay to repeat the phrase.

She licked her lips. "Please tell Colonel Scripps that Caliban says there's a storm coming."

This time the woman on the other end of the phone paused. "Is this a joke?"

"This is not a joke. Caliban says there's a storm coming. Please relay that message to Colonel Scripps. He'll know what it means."

The woman sighed. "Anything else?"

"Just the phone number." Lola reeled off the number of the throwaway phone. "Please have Colonel Scripps call that number."

When she ended the call, Lola bounded from her chair. "Oh, my God, that was awesome! Just like James Bond or something."

"Uh, that was a phone call--no poison dart pens, ejecting out of an Aston Martin or having sex with drop-dead gorgeous Russian spies, or maybe that should be drop-dead gorgeous Cuban spies."

Lola punched him in the arm. "Let me have my fun."

"This fun has almost resulted in your abduction, my sweet thrill seeker."

She launched herself at him, wrapping her arms around his waist. "I know, Jack, but we're almost there. I can feel it, can't you?"

The only thing he felt was Lola's soft breasts pushing against his chest and a surge of desire so strong he had to clench his teeth to keep from nipping at her full bottom lip. He contented himself with skimming her back with his knuckles.

"Once you come back into the fold, you can get treated for your memory loss and we'll find Gabe. I know it."

"You're an optimist."

"You're close to remembering everything, aren't you?" She dropped her lashes in what she hoped was a look of unconcern.

It didn't work.

Jack lifted one eyebrow and shoved his hair back from his forehead. "You're wondering if I remembered a wife."

When did she become so easy to read? No sense in denying her selfish preoccupation when Jack had her pinned with those dark eyes. "Or a girlfriend or a fiancee. I want to know if we were cheating when we made love."

The side of his mouth lifted in a crooked smile, and then her awareness of everything else evaporated as he sealed his lips across hers. His heart pounded beneath the hand she pressed against his chest, and her blood answered his rhythm as it thrummed through her veins.

He danced her across the floor, never breaking the connection between them. When he lowered her to the couch, she realized he planned to take her right here, right now.

She maneuvered her lips away from his hot kiss. "The door. Rosa. Dinner."

"It's locked. So what? Who cares?" He created a little space between their feverish bodies and managed to get them both out of their shirts.

When his bare flesh met her naked breasts, she almost heard the sizzle. Her befuddled brain formed one last coherent thought, and she struggled against the tide of passion to form the words. "Does this mean you're free?"

As he stripped off his jeans, he growled. "I'm not free, Lola. You've enslaved me."

But when he possessed her, body and soul, and created a deep need within her core for more of everything he had to offer, she had to wonder...who had enslaved whom?

LOLA NESTLED IN THE CROOK of Jack's arm as the flickering images from the TV cast lights and shadows over his body. They'd made love on the couch, consumed large quantities of Rosa's leftovers for dinner, watched some TV and then consumed large quantities of each other.

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