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“It must not be working if he’s still killing. He must not be powerful enough. Where’s it going to stop for him?”

“When he finds the most powerful member of Los Brujos de Invierno.”

“He’s looking in the wrong place.” She tipped back her chair and crossed her arms behind her head. “The most powerful brujos are in Mexico.”

“Including your father?”

She thumped the legs of her chair onto the floor, and dropped her hands in her lap. “Exactly.”

“Then maybe he’ll head to Mexico.”

“I hope for Vivi’s sake he doesn’t.”

“Your father’s sake, too?”

“My father can take care of himself.” She glanced at her phone. “I’m having a videoconference call with my mom before lunch. D-do you want to join in?”

“Yeah. It’s okay? I can, you know, stay out of view.”

She flipped up her laptop and positioned it on the desk. “There’s no need to do that. Kendall’s going to meet you shortly anyway, so she might as well get a look at you now.”

“Has Kendall met many...guys in your life?”

Christina’s eyes narrowed to slits and a muscle in her jaw twitched. “I haven’t introduced Kendall to anyone. There are no guys in my life, never have been since the day she was born.”

He dipped his head once. He could get that. From the moment Christina walked into his life five years ago, there’d never been anyone like her for him. Through all his doubts about her motives, for all his trust issues, even now, she was in his blood.

The screen in front of her cast a glow on her face, or maybe that was just motherhood.

“Hi, girly-girl. Hi, Mom.”

Her mother’s voice filled the small office. “Are you working?”

“Yes, I’m in an office at the police department. The walls are a little thin, so please keep it down.” She gestured to him. “I have Eric with me. He wants to meet Kendall.”

“Thank God. It’s about time.”

Eric scooted his chair around the desk. A little dark-haired girl’s face filled the screen, her wide eyes so much like Christina’s. Soft curls framed her face, and he knew that wavy hair came from him.

“Kendall, this is Eric. He’s going to come and visit you when Mommy comes home.”

Kendall waved her hand. “Hi.”

“Hi, Kendall. What are you holding?” His throat felt tight and he blinked his eyes.

She looked down at the white plush animal in her arms and then held it up so that it filled the monitor. “It’s Kitty.”

“Is that his name?”

She wiggled the stuffed toy. “Yes.”

“Kendall, put Kitty down so we can see you. I’ll call Kitty later. Right now I want to see my girly-girl.”

She giggled and dropped Kitty to the floor.

“Tell me what you and G-Ma have been doing?”

Christina was able to coax a few more sentences out of Kendall.

Eric was content just to watch his daughter, a mixture of both him and Christina. A miracle.

Kendall grew restless, and Christina’s mom placed her on the floor to play with some puzzles.

“Good to see you again, Eric. I’d been warning Christina all along to tell you about Kendall.”


“Now I know, and I want to be a part of her life.”

“I never doubted you would. I figured you’d get over that nonsense of not wanting kids once you actually had one.”

“Ma.” Christina rolled her eyes at him.

Her mother barreled on. “Any idea when this case is going to wrap up?”

“Wish we knew. If it drags on much longer, there’s no reason why I can’t go home for a visit.”

“Oh, I saw that friend of your sister’s this morning, the one she was with on her way to who knows where.”

“He’s in San Miguel?”

“When he was here with Vivi, he mentioned he had friends in San Miguel. Probably stuck around to visit them.”

“Yeah, he didn’t go with her.”

“Did you ever get that all cleared up with her?”


“Flighty girl. See what could’ve happened to you if your father had his way?”

“Yeah, Ma. We’re going to have lunch. Can you please put Kendall back on camera?”

Kendall’s face popped up again, a little pouty this time saying goodbye to her mother. She said goodbye to him, too, and that just about made his day.

When Christina ended the connection, Eric slumped back in his chair. “Wow. She’s a cutie.”

“Yeah, she is. She’s very loving and friendly.”

“Are you trying to say she’ll like anyone? Even me?”