He looked up at her with hooded eyes, a wolfish grin spreading over his face. ‘Say it again.’

‘I want...’

He got to his feet. For one fearful moment she thought he was going to leave her there, exposed on so many levels.

Instead he unbuttoned his shirt, his movements deft. He cocked an eyebrow. ‘You want...?’

She swallowed moisture away, staring dazedly at the magnificence of his body as he shrugged the shirt off and casually discarded it.

His trousers and underwear quickly followed, and all she could do was gaze at him with a catch in her throat.

Pepe’s arousal was all too apparent, his erection jutting out in front of him, large and proud.

‘You want?’ he repeated, stepping between her still-parted legs. ‘I want to hear you say it. I want to hear from your own lips that you want this.’

She understood why he was demanding this from her and in a way she couldn’t blame him. Even if she did blame him it would make no difference. If he were to walk away right now the big deep pool she was swimming in would dissolve into a tiny puddle. ‘I want this. I want you.’

His eyes glittered. ‘Then you shall have me.’

He leaned down over her, barely touching her, the dark silky hair on his chest brushing against her sensitised breasts, tickling her. Slanting his lips on hers, he kissed her with a possessiveness that took her breath away, his hands kneading her thighs until he had her exactly where he wanted her.

And then he was inside, joyously, massively, deeply inside her, filling her completely.

‘Ahh,’ she moaned, pulling him down so his full weight was on her, adjusting herself slightly to accommodate him further, to allow him even deeper penetration.

Her body remembered the heights he’d taken her to before and, like a greedy child, was desperate to feel those same sensations again, to experience the same rippling pleasure that had blown her mind.

In and out he thrust, kissing her, squeezing her breasts, clutching her hips, penetrating to her very core until she felt everything inside her tighten.

As if he could sense that she was on the edge, Pepe increased the tempo and ground even deeper into her. It was enough.

Her orgasm rippled through her in waves so powerful and beautiful that any form of coherence abandoned her and all she could do was ride it, catching every last swell.

* * *

Cara awoke with a jolt.

An arm was curved around her belly. Deep, heavy breathing sounded from the pillow beside her.

Swallowing, she opened her eyes.

Pepe was there beside her, fast asleep. Through the dusky light she gazed at the thick black lashes, the dark stubble across his jawline, the mussed hair, the trimmed goatee.

Her heart constricted then began to hammer. She swallowed again.

After they had made love for a second time, Pepe had gathered her into his arms and fallen asleep with her head resting on his chest. Sleep had come easily for him.

She, on the other hand, had lain awake for an age. She’d disentangled herself from his arms knowing she should wake him and insist he return to his own room. Instead she’d found herself gazing at him, much as she was staring at him now. He was just so beautiful, even in repose with his mouth slightly parted, that firm yet sensuous mouth that had brought her such pleasure.

In this ethereal morning light she couldn’t find the energy to rebuke herself for being so stupid as to fall back into his bed.

Recriminations could wait.

All she could focus on at that moment was that sensual mouth.

Slowly she brought her face to his, close enough to feel his breath against her skin. Closing her eyes, she brought her lips to his, breathing him in. She raised a hand to his face and gently traced her fingers down his cheek and down the strength of his neck and over his broad shoulders. It amazed her that a body so hard could be covered with skin so smooth.

Slowly she explored him, dragging her fingers through the silky hair on his chest, circling the dark brown nipples, then tracing down the flat hardness of his belly. Her pale hand contrasted against the darkness of his olive skin. They were a couple full of contrasts, her yin to his yang.

Not that they were a couple, she reminded herself hastily. They were simply two individuals thrown together by circumstances with a chemistry that refused to be denied. If not for the life growing inside her, Cara would not be here. Pepe would likely not be here either, or if he was it would be in the arms of another.

Her stomach curdled at the thought and she squeezed her eyes shut to banish it.

Was that what her mother had done? How many times had she squeezed her eyes shut to banish the pictures of her husband with his other women?

Before the images could swamp her, Pepe’s eyes opened and fixed on her, bringing her back to the here and now.

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