It’s only lust, Carly.

Carly pulled her mouth a fraction from his, surprised her voice was so unsteady. “I thought I was supposed to be seducing you.”

His mouth moved to her neck, his fingers making her body sing, and he said, “You’ll get your turn.”

Hunter pressed well-placed, open-mouthed kisses on her shoulder, tasting her on his way to her breast. Her skin tingled in the wake.

Struggling to get the words out, she said, “Just remember—” His lips landed on a puckered tip, searing her nerves, and she arched against him. She closed her eyes and went on. “You promised two rounds.”

One hand on her hip, the other between her legs, he drove her insane, his mouth traveling down her abdomen with intent. His words whispered across her belly. “When did I do that?”

“You bought a second condom.” Her voice was weak. “That’s an implied promise, isn’t it?”

“Guess we’ll find out.”

She hoped they would, but she was too immersed in mind-bending pleasure to tell him.

Fire licked her veins, incinerating her every thought as his mouth crossed her hip on the way to her inner thigh. Carly instinctively spread her legs a little more, a welcoming gesture, and Hunter took full advantage of the invitation, replacing the teasing fingers with his mouth.

Her heart imploded, sensual forces gripping her hard. With a sharp hiss, Carly dropped her head back. His lips, teeth and tongue worked their spell on her body. So focused. His movements deliberate. Skilled. Strategically planned for maximum pleasure. Until Carly was shaking, the nape of her neck damp with sweat.

As his lips drove her closer to the sun, Hunter slid his hands up her belly to cup her breasts. His thumbs circled the tips, and solar touchdown became a near certainty. Back pressed against the cool tile, her body suffused with heat, Carly gripped his shoulders, her thighs trembling. Eyes closed, she gasped for breath. Flames of desire climbed higher, blinding her with white-hot light. Until Carly’s body finally launched fully into the inferno. The orgasm consumed her, fanning out in a fireball of pleasure, and she called out Hunter’s name.

* * *

As her cry echoed off the tile, Hunter stood and took in Carly’s flushed face. Her eyes were closed, hair damp at her temples. The quiet was broken by the harsh sounds coming from Carly’s throat, her chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath.

The moment she’d entered the shower room, deep down he’d known where it would lead, despite his attempts to drive her away. And with the risk she posed to the peace he’d achieved with his past, thwarting her attempt to run the show had seemed necessary, her bold moves, her gutsy nature captivating him like no other.

Which was why pushing her up against the wall and taking charge had been so important.

Eyes still closed, her voice steady despite the breathless quality, Carly said, “Does that count as a round?”

“I was just getting you warmed up.”

“Well done, you,” she said softly. She lifted her lids, her gaze meeting his. “Now...” she slid her arms around his neck, her eyes dark with desire “...take me to the bench.”

Hunter’s heart thumped hard. Take-charge Carly was back, and need coiled tightly in his groin, choking off any hope of refusing her anything. Blocking all thoughts of the past. The beautifully outrageous, never-backs-down woman created fires within him he might never be able to extinguish.

The surge of alarm he felt at the thought wasn’t enough to change his mind, but it made his voice harsh. “Grab both condoms,” he said, and she complied.

Hunter lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. As he carried her across the room the head of his shaft nudged the wet warmth between her legs, teasing him with its proximity. Taunting him with its readiness. Everything about her tested his restraint. She arched against him, pressing him closer, clearly wanting him inside. He straddled the wooden bench, one foot on either side, and sat on his towel with Carly on his lap, her legs draped around him. Gritting his teeth, fighting the need to thrust deep, he began to lean her back.

But was stopped by her hand on his chest.

Carly’s voice was low, determined. “My turn. My choice.” Gaze locked with his, she said, “So lie down, Mystery Man.” His muscles tensed, but he let her press him back, coming to a stop when his elbows rested on the bench. Refusing to concede any more ground. She tipped her head seductively. “I want to see how long it takes for you to come unglued.”

Hunter’s lungs constricted as pleasure, anticipation and uneasiness wrapped around his chest, their position on the bench bringing reality home. Outside the frequency and duration of his relationships he hadn’t noticed the subtle shift in his sexual life since he’d been played, like his tendency to gravitate toward women who were fairly passive.