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“You threw it away? Why?”

“I hate pills,” Ted replied. “I just think that they are harmful to the body and unless it is a medical emergency that you have to take medication to keep functioning properly, I would just rather not put those sorts of things in my body.”

“Wow, you are a bit of a health nut?”

Ted grinned. “No, just when it comes to pills. I don’t even take acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Any of that man-made stuff is dangerous. I’ve read several books and other research that points to that.”

“Interesting,” I said. “You know I’ve heard a lot about that stuff, but I’ve always kind of let it pass me by. I may have to start reading up on it now. Thanks.”

“You’re very welcome.”

Ted raised his glass to do a quick toast with me. “Cheers.”

“So, alcohol is ok, though?” I asked teasing.

Ted smiled. “Alcohol is a byproduct of a natural thing. It is fermentation. It happens. People have used it for thousands of years for a variety of ailments. During ninety-nine percent of human history we did not have pills. And we got along just fine.”

Ted had some interesting philosophies, that was for sure. But I liked the way he thought about things and looked at the world. It was refreshing.

After dinner we went to a movie and saw a courtroom drama that was based on a John Grisham novel. I loved those movies and I’d been a fan of Grisham since his first book, so I was anxious to see it and Ted was happy enough to go with me. I think he enjoyed it, although during the movie we barely said a word to each other.

It was nice, though. Just sitting in silence with each other, munching on some popcorn (I was pretty full from dinner, but who can go to the movies without popcorn?) and just getting caught up in the drama of the story unfolding before you. I don’t usually go to the movies. Typically, I can pay to have studios ship the same first run prints of all the new films directly to my house and I just set it up in my own home theater. Sometimes I’ll have friends over and occasionally it will just be me when I feel that I need some alone time. I hoped that one-day Ted and I could enjoy a quiet romantic movie in my theater. I desperately wanted to tell him about who I was and what I really did for a living. I’d been so vague, but as of yet he had been a perfect gentleman and had not pressed me for more details. He was so patient and understanding. What we had was working and I was terrified to mess that up.

So for now, I was going to continue the ruse.

After the movie he drove me home to the apartment and walked me to the door inside the building. I was tempted to invite him inside, (after all Penny was staying the night in my place) but it just felt a bit early for that, so I decided to wait it out and just see how things progressed.

“Well, I had a fantastic time,” I said. “Thank you so much for dinner, and the movie.”

I felt kind of bad that he had paid for everything. I’d offered, but he insisted. I could see that he was an old fashioned gentleman and I enjoyed that. I’d always loved being courted and taken care of a little bit by a charming man. It just felt nice.

“I had a wonderful time as well,” Ted said. “We should definitely do this again sometime soon.”

“I would love that,” I said.

Ted leaned in right then and kissed me. I hadn’t expected it but when he came in towards me, he did it slowly, yet confidently, so I let him. And when our lips touched the spark I’d been feeling for him came to a head right there between us and it was the very essence of the connection that existed between us. It was sweet, romantic, and it felt delicious. The lustful urge rose up in me and I couldn’t help kissing him back a little harder then I’d meant to. He accepted it but did not push back any harder on his part to take it to the next level.

If he had I’m not so sure I wouldn’t have done the same.

“Goodnight,” Ted said as our lips parted.


I waited until the elevator doors closed before I let myself into the apartment and sat down on the couch. I quickly called Penny and told her everything that had happened on the date.

“That is awesome! Wow, he sounds like an amazing guy,” she said when I was finished giving her every little detail.

“Yeah,” I said. “I think he really is.”

And I really meant it.

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