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He groaned slightly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to lay all this on you and get you bummed out. I’m just venting a bit. I appreciate you listening to my bullshit.”

I sat up and looked him straight in the eye. “Babe, you don’t have to feel that way. You never have to apologize for talking to me about anything. I’m right here.”

I felt almost strange telling him that, but I wanted him to know how close he was to me and I hoped I was as close to him, to his heart.

He reached up and touched my face gently, brushing my hair back. His touch was graceful, smooth. His hands were rugged, yet somehow sweet against my skin. I grabbed his hand, holding it against my cheek.

His hand moved down my face slowly, until it touched my lips. I could smell him, taste his sweet scent right then. It felt so right. I realized sitting there that I had been longing for this for a long time. I’d told myself that I didn’t need anyone that badly and it was not a priority in my life, but I was wrong.

Or maybe I just hadn’t met the right man yet. It was all so fast, moving so rapidly that I barely had time to think about the future, or about what was going on with me, with us, but I knew that this was right. It was in my guts, in my bones, and deeply embedded in my heart, this feeling that I had to follow and see where it led. I had to stay the course on this one, no matter what. Somehow I knew there would be some salvation at the end of the tunnel, the peace and serenity that I needed.

But I had no idea the road I would have to take to get there.

Ted pressed his thumb gently against the front of my lips, slowly working his way until I opened my mouth and let it in between my lips. He tasted even better than he smelled. The connection between us made everything else in life seem somehow silly and insignificant. It was just us, the two of us, right then and there. Nothing else really mattered in our own little bubble.

Ted pulled his thumb back and leaned into me closely. His lips were now pressing against mine. The kiss was full of lust and passion right from the start. It was hard and fast, moving from one kiss to the next, almost prying my lips open with his as I struggled to match his want with my own.

His tongue was like a thing possessed wrestling with mine and bringing with it a whole new level of lust into my body, injecting me with its fury. And I lapped it up like crazy. It was the most addictive thing I’d ever had in my mouth and I could not get enough of it. My lips suddenly clamped around his tongue and sucked hard as if trying to swallow it, all the while keeping my lips pressed firmly against his.

Ted pulled back suddenly and at first I thought he was going to react in a shocked manner to my intensity. I was almost horrified by it. I’d never come on that strongly so quickly with someone, but it had never felt so damn right before. And apparently Ted felt the same way.

His mouth was instantly on my neck, kissing sweetly, slipping his tongue between his lips to lap at the skin and occasionally allowing a few teeth to join in on the fun. His nibbles were soft and sweet, gliding against my skin.

His hands were under my shirt now, grabbing at my breast with more strength than he had probably even meant to. He was moaning and groaning now like a beast savoring its food. His hands were on my breasts, massaging me over my bra. I could still feel him tending to me, taking each one in his large, muscular hands and squeezing them slowly, firmly, showing me how much he wanted me.

I think it was that which turned me on the most–the fact that he desired me so much. It was more than just a physical need also. There was a spiritual component to it that I couldn’t explain. I could hardly catch my breath I was gasping so hard from each exquisite moment of pleasure from his touch and from his soft kisses, and from just being with him.

Swiftly Ted ripped my T-shirt over my head and threw it on the floor. Next his hands made short work of my bra clasp and that was gone as well now. My large breasts were exposed for him and I wanted to feel his gaze on me. I wanted him to be so turned on that he couldn’t stand it another moment and had to ravage every inch of me. I needed that validation. It had been so long since I’d had a man really look at me that way. It had been so long since I’d wanted someone to be that close to me.

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