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And Ted did. He paused a moment leaning back to take it all in. He smiled slightly watching my breasts before taking each tit in his hands and softly caressing them, his fingers flipping just over the nipple and then quickly drawing it into his mouth. The warm, wetness felt great. My breasts have always been so sensitive when I get turned on. And he knew exactly how I wanted them to be touched. He could sense my needs… my desires… it was like he knew me better than I even knew myself.

“That’s it…” I said. “Keep… doing… that…baby, that’s so…good…”

Each word came out in a gasp as I felt the pleasure from my breasts spreading all over my whole body, especially my crotch. I was getting so wet. I was so ready for him. I wanted him so badly.

“Lie down,” Ted whispered.

I did so and his fingers quickly found the button of my jeans and started to undo them. Soon, I was out of them and then my panties were flying off my body with lightning speed. There I was now; I was lying on the couch completely nude. I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about my body, but at that moment there was no fear. There was no room for any of that kind of negativity. It was all passion and all bliss.

“You are so beautiful,” Ted said.

He leaned over me and softly breathed his warmth on my pussy. I could feel him invading me with his aura, tickling the inside of my wet, lustful temple. And then his fingers were inside of me. Two of his thick fingers slipped into the wet, slit between my legs and moved all the way inside my body.

“Shit!” I moaned as my body writhed with the force of this welcomed intrusion, my abdominals rigid with tension.

“How does that feel?” Ted asked.

“Good… oh… sooo good…”

His fingers knew all the right buttons to push and he kept alternating to keep me guessing. My body did not know what was happening to it right now, but I was about seven seconds away from pure and total bliss. That, I did know.

My hips were moving up and down now, essentially fucking his fingers. He reacted by timing his thrusts with it and then very randomly, he would go against the rhythm.

I swallowed hard almost swallowing my tongue down farther into the back of my throat, mostly to try to keep my moans of ecstasy from disturbing my neighbors. My mind was running like crazy bouncing from thought to thought. I kept thinking this was too soon, but that was a lot of what made it so hot. It was different and so new that I probably shouldn’t have been doing this so soon, but then again life was short and who knew when I was going to see my last day? No one could predict that.

I was being moved. It took me by surprise and at first I had no idea what was happening, but then Ted maneuvered me into a new position and I was able to fit the pieces together.

He was bending me from the waist all the way over the arm of the couch. This was different…and so exciting.

I could hear him fumbling with his own clothes behind me. He was breathing heavily and ripping his clothes from his body. As they landed on the floor beside the couch I couldn’t resist glancing back to see his beautiful, nude, muscular form behind me. It was the first time I’d seen him nude and he was beautiful. Every single muscle looked carefully sculpted but so natural on him. His body didn’t look like gym muscles. I could tell he kept in shape but it was more functional than aesthetics, which I found so much sexier. His lean, hard abs were popping beneath his tanned skin. I had to wonder how much work outside he did without a shirt…

I couldn’t see it yet, but I suddenly felt his dick pressing against my ass cheeks. And then a moment later he slipped inside of me.

“AAAGGHH!” I moaned as the inner walls of my wet box parted and tried to hold the contents of his enormous package.

The penetration was slow, but strong. Doubts were quickly cast into my mind as to whether I would be able to actually take him all inside of me. He was patient, though. Yeah… he knew how he was built. This was not his first rodeo. I wondered briefly how many women he’d been with. I wasn’t jealous at all. I’ve never been that type of woman. No, it was just a natural curiosity I reminded myself to ask him later.

“God… you feel so… good…” Ted grunted in my ear as he pressed his cock harder and harder into my wet chamber. His ball sack was smacking against my ass with every jolt in an almost hypnotic yet humorous rhythm.

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