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“Ted, I live here.”

His eyes dropped from looking up at the house to over at me. A few beats went by and then he started laughing. “Nice trick.”

I laughed. Wow, he didn’t believe me. This was going to be harder than I thought.

“Ted, this is my house. My last name is Daniels, as in Daniels Cosmetics.”

He stopped and turned towards me. I believed he was coming around now. “You mean…the multi-billion dollar global cosmetics empire? That Daniels? No… no way…”

I took his arm. “Come. It will make more sense once we are inside.”


* * *

“Look, I get it. I understand.”

I took Ted’s hand and stared into his eyes hoping that he would see just how sorry I was about everything. “Do you? Really?”

He kissed my knuckles softly and leaned in. “Yes. I do. I can understand how a woman in your position has to be heavily guarded against weasels trying to take advantage of you. Trying to put myself in your shoes, I can see how that would make someone pretty paranoid.”

“Thank you,” I said. “Thank you for being so understanding.”

We’d just finished the tour of the whole house and I had also shown Ted pictures of myself and family in the house and a few valuable family heirlooms. Then we visited the tennis courts, swimming pool, billiard room, and Movie Theater.

He was in awe of all of it, as most people were the first time they laid eyes on it. I’d lived in the house my whole life and nearly every day I discovered things about it that wowed me.

“So, the apartment and all that…did you just do that to fool me? Or is that just a place you hang out that’s closer to work stuff?” Ted asked.

“It was mainly to fool you, but now that you mention it, that place is very convenient.”

“So, why are you showing this to me now?” Ted asked. “What was preventing you from keeping this thing going? I never would have known the difference.”

“Well, me I guess. I hated doing it and I know it isn’t right. I felt bad. I care about you. I really have fallen in love with you and I want to be open and honest about everything as our relationship moves forward.”

“I love you, too,” Ted said. “It makes me feel pretty honored that you would let me into this part of your world. It just reaffirms how special you are to me and it makes me feel like I’m special to you.”

“You are special,” I said. “I hope you know how special you are to me.”

Ted gazed into my eyes; he leaned forward, and kissed me. Then we held our heads softly against each other just allowing the warmth and the touch to exist between us. It was sweet.

“I wish my parents could be here to meet you,” I said. “I know that you and my father would have so much fun together.”

“I would have loved that,” Ted said. “But I bet he is here in spirit. It looks like his whole being was involved with this house one way or another. I’m pretty spiritual, and I believe that when you are that firmly rooted in a place that small remnants of you—your life force—stays there. Every day you leave a little bitty piece of yourself there. And when you are gone from this physical earth, those pieces of your energy, your soul—whatever you want to call it, whatever you believe—they stay there and they live on. That’s why people say that they can genuinely feel a presence around, especially when it’s someone they love. That’s what I believe, anyway.”

“That’s beautiful,” I said. “And yes. I believe that, too.”

Ted kissed me again just then, and then again. Then once more, this time stronger and more forceful. The urge was rising in him just as it was rising in me. Since the first time I’d thought of little else but getting him back inside of me. Our lives had been chaotic and busy since that time, but here we were alone again and ready to pursue the physical aspects of our love even more thoroughly.

As Ted kissed me I reached under the kitchen table and massaged him through his jeans. I could feel his huge cock being trapped underneath layers of clothes, but it was getting hard and thick, and it was ready to be unleashed from its dark, cage.

“Go for it,” Ted whispered before wrapping his lips sensuously over my top lip and sucking smoothly.

I was already getting so wet that my panties were clinging to me. I hoped Ted was ready. I was going to ride him senseless. It would be even more exquisite since our last lovemaking. I knew more about him, what he wanted and loved, and he knew more about me. And as we got into things I didn’t think that a single shred of spontaneity had been lost with us either. It was almost like the first time.

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