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Soon, I could feel him getting harder, a bit more enthusiastic, his moans growing louder. He was going to come.

“Are you going to come for me?” I asked. “Blast that seed inside of me…. please… baby, give it to me…”

There was nothing else in my mind except that. I wanted him to fill me up with every ounce of his delicious nectar.

And that he did.

When he stopped coming, it was dripping out of me. My own orgasm came just a few moments before his did, but the instant his salty juice poured into me it quickly took my orgasm to another level. I tried to hold myself upright and allow him to keep fucking me hard from behind, but my arms would not work. My legs felt like jelly and my head continued to spin as rockets of beautiful pleasure soared through my entire being.

And then it was over. We were both spent.

Afterwards we cuddled on the couch together, feeding each other ice cream and telling goofy stories from our childhood. As we sat there being together I came to realize that all of my dreams were coming true. Ted was the man I’d dreamt about for so long, a man I thought would never actually exist.

And our love story seemed like a dream, a fairy-tale. I told myself long ago that I didn’t believe in fairy-tales. But I found myself living in one.

Chapter Eight


Two Months Later

“Are you sure?” I asked. “It looks pretty stellar to me.”

Bonnie laughed and hit my arm playfully. “Wow, I’m glad you brought me along.”

Bonnie Blankenship, my neighbor from down the hall who I’d been fairly friendly with the past year or so that I’d lived in the building, and I were shopping for an engagement ring. Well, I was shopping for an engagement ring to give to Leia, and Bonnie had been kind enough to lend me her female expertise since I really knew nothing about rings, or any jewelry for that matter.

We were standing in the third jewelry store of the day trying to find the perfect ring. So far I thought we’d found at least three winners, but Bonnie said no each time. I imagined the one that she thought was the best would end up being the most expensive, of course. I had one credit card left I’d have to use that I hadn’t quite maxed out yet. I thought I had enough on it.

“What’s wrong with it?” I asked.

“It’s too small and it’s kind of clunky looking. Actually, it barely even looks like a diamond. This is a ring she is going to wear forever.”

“Don’t women trade those out for wedding rings on the wedding day?” I asked.

She smiled. “A lot of women actually wear both together. Seriously, do you never look at women’s rings?”

I laughed. “No. I’m a man; we do not do that at all.”

Bonnie smirked and we continued on down the line. The beautiful sales girl who was helping us was getting a little bit bored it seemed. I couldn’t blame her. Bonnie was taking forever. I would have bought the first ring I saw that looked decent. It didn’t really matter. No matter what ring I got it was going to be a joke compared to the ring that Leia could buy for herself. Hell, she’d probably suggest trading them both out after a bit. I was fine with that, but I wanted the impression that I had tried and succeeded in finding a great ring that I could afford.

“Ah! This is nice!” Bonnie said excitedly pointing to a ring on the end.

I walked over and looked where she was pointing. I saw a nice ring that looked…well…nice. I honestly did not see what was so special about it. But Bonnie’s eyes were lighting up like a pinball machine.

“Let’s take a look,” I said.

The saleswoman smiled and took it out of the case. It was shiny and sparkly with a big rock on it. Yeah, it was an engagement ring. And it cost five grand. That was just under the limit I had on the card.

“This is one of our most popular sellers,” the saleswoman said. She gave me a look with a wide smile and leaned in slightly. Was she flirting with me? I thought she might be but I was too distracted to really notice, although she was rather stunning looking.

“This is beautiful!” Bonnie squealed.

“Ok, that looks fine,” I said.

Bonnie was annoyed by my lack of enthusiasm, but I bought that ring and we walked back out into the mall. I was glad as could be at having this ordeal, this nightmare over. I’d always hated shopping for jewelry and women’s clothing. Nothing in the world bored me more.

“So, when is the big day, do you think? Do you have a date in mind? I realize you haven’t actually asked her yet, but it never hurts to plan ahead.”

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