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I moved my body a bit to force his fingers into me a little bit. He resisted playfully for a moment and then he relented and suddenly plunged two of his thick, succulent fingers into my wet pussy.

“AAAHH!” I gasped loudly as my body flung itself backwards against the seat. I was so sensitive to the touch that my body threatened to go into some kind of orgasmic convulsions.

Ted took delight in it. He was smiling widely as he watched me.

“Do it,” he said.

I locked eyes with his and I suddenly knew what he wanted me to do. I grabbed hold of his thick wrist to steady myself and I began humping into his fingers. They slipped in and out of me, probing and sliding along my inner walls. I wished they were longer so they could go deeper… but I would soon have a tool for that…

“Is this…what… you want?” I gasped as I fucked his fingers harder and harder. My wetness was sliding perfectly along his hand. It was triggering my orgasm. I could feel it coming soon and I knew that it was going to be epic.

“Yes…” Ted whispered. He leaned forward and smothered my mouth with his. The kiss was so deep, as if he was trying to suck my soul out through my mouth into his own. And honestly the imagery made it all so much hotter. I wanted us to be one person. We would soon be one being living for the other.

“Shit!” I gasped as my body rocked back and the spasm of my orgasm echoed from my loins and ripped its way up into my lower abdomen and then quickly blasted the pleasure to every single part of my body. I couldn’t breathe; I couldn’t move. There was nothing I could do until it was over. I was completely at the mercy of the orgasm. My own hips had stopped moving and bucking against Ted’s fingers, but he was only beginning to play.

Ted continued to move in and out of me fast, hard, and deep as my orgasm trembled over his flesh. I wanted to rip free from his grip as the ecstasy had become almost a wave of agony because it was just too intense, but I couldn’t. He held the exquisite pleasure in place and continued to serve it to me hard.

“Fuck…” I whispered as the orgasm began to subside. My body felt spent. I wondered if the driver could hear anything up front and the thought made me laugh.

Ted pulled back and kissed my neck, my face, and then my forehead before covering my mouth with his sweet lips again. His tongue entered my mouth and danced with mine.

I felt something in my hand. Instantly I knew what it was. I giggled as I tried to wrap my fingers around the massive girth of his huge cock. He was hard as a rock and the smooth skin surrounding his shaft was being stretched to its maximum capacity. I rubbed his cock slowly up and down, toying with the tip, and then bringing it back to the base. Every few strokes I would rub his balls and give them a squeeze.

“Will you suck it for me, baby? I want to feel your sweet lips…” Ted whispered between kisses.

I laughed softly and kissed him again.

And then I leaned over him, opened wide, and let his massive member into my hot, wet mouth. The taste was mind blowing to me. The soft, smooth, skin…the sweetness of his own scent, and the way he throbbed between my lips as if his cock was about to shed his skin and grow even larger inside of me. I loved the power that I had over his pleasure with my mouth. The mouth was so versatile, and I knew how much he loved it. I could have him spewing his load for days or I could tease him and allow it all to back up until I decided. That was the sweet power that I craved with him.

And I knew that he loved it as well.

It took me a few minutes to warm up enough to swallow all of him. His girth pressed against my jaws and probed towards the back of my throat. I had never given oral to someone so large before and I was still amazed at my own abilities. Or maybe it was just him. Maybe my love for Ted was so strong that I was willing to push myself to my utmost limits to give him pleasure. And I knew he would do the same for me.

After I was warmed up I naturally found my head rhythm and I drew his entire length and girth into my mouth and back out to the tip before diving back down again. I loved to keep him guessing by varying the rhythm and the speed. Sometimes I would inch down his shaft slowly and others I would move fast and gulp him down. And occasionally I would narrow my bite just so that my teeth created a much tighter seal for him. He seemed to moan a little louder with the mix of pleasure I created as I scraped my teeth ever so slightly against his skin. I could almost hear a slight fear in his moans which delighted me. My pussy was getting even wetter now, fully recovered from the orgasm from a few minutes earlier. I wanted this sweet cock to stretch my body in half as far as it could go.

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