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I pulled up off his cock and let my mouth rest surrounding the bulbous head. I licked around his shaft and then flicked over the tip as if trying to draw some of his succulent nectar out. I could taste the earliest droplets of his precum. It was sweet with a hint of salt. It was him. I loved to taste him…my love… my world. He was my soul. Ted was the other half of my heart and my very being.

I sensed that he’d had enough and if I kept going much longer he would blast his load into my mouth, and while I always relished the opportunity to taste him, my body wanted something else right then. Ted was the type of man who could recover quite quickly, but he was still mortal. And I didn’t want anything to interrupt the screaming desires of my wet, tight, pussy. I had to do it.

“I want you to fuck me!” I growled.

I removed my clothes, pulling my dress over my head and then without so much as waiting for Ted to finish pulling his pants all the way down, I climbed on top of him and I let myself slide down the length of his shaft.

“Wow…” I moaned. I could hardly breathe as he entered me. I was warmed up and wet as could be. Even then I had to go slow to let his massive girth spread me open slowly so that I didn’t hurt myself. I loved a little pain, but too much was too much.

I stopped for a moment allowing my body to savor and get used to Ted being deeply inside of me. He started to pulsate slowly, just moving in and out of me perhaps an inch. His instincts were right on as I started to instantly get more adjusted and ready for him. I could feel my body gushing with desire and the wetness in my loins were now flowing steadily, almost like some kind of waterfall between my legs. But Ted’s throbbing dick was soaking up most of the wetness with the greatest of ease.

Looking into his eyes and seeing the pleasure and the total desire he had for me was enough to send me over the edge. I kissed him hard and held him closely, letting my body just melt into his as I continued to bob up and down on his rock, hard member. I was going to come again. I had no idea when though; it could have been any time or it could have been awhile. With Ted it was always difficult to tell. Suddenly my body would just erupt with the pleasure after teasing the build.

It was part of the magic that made us work together.

Ted groaned suddenly and put his strong hand on my hips. He pushed me off just enough to position himself behind me and bent me over the seat. Then he began to pile drive hard into me with long, thrusting blasts of his cock. His hand found my long hair and tied it around his fist, holding me in place and pulling just a little bit.

I loved it when he got dominant this way. The give and take of it was fun. We liked to take turns, but if I were being honest I always loved to finish with Ted taking control.

Very soon I felt him getting tighter and harder inside of me. I heard his breaths turning into some kind of airless groan and the grip on my hair clenched much tighter.

He was going to come. I braced myself for it.

“AAGGGH!” Ted cried out as he released his huge, pent up load inside of my waiting body.

I could feel his wetness mingling with mine almost immediately. Ted was not slowing down or stopping either. He seemed hell-bent on emptying his entire self into me. And I was just happy as could be about it.

It was only a few seconds later when I came again. It was just as epic, just as powerful as the first time.

As my body shuttered with the final remnants and the fallout of my huge orgasm I rested my sweaty head against Ted’s and said the words, “I love you.”

He kissed me softly and then said it back. “I love you, too. God, I love you.”

Afterwards we laid in the limo and snuggled for a bit. We didn’t dare even talk to the driver yet. We were just enjoying our time together.

We were engaged and in love. Nothing in the world mattered to me but that.

Nothing at all.

Chapter Ten


Two Months Later

Now this is a party.

I popped open another beer (I believe it was my fifth) and sauntered my way to the dance floor where several of my best friends were dancing with some friends of Leia’s. The turnout at the party was fantastic, far better than I ever would have thought it was. I had not as of yet really had time to get to know that many of Leia’s friends, but she’d promised that they were all a lot of fun and many of them loved to party. She had not been lying.