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The wedding was everything that she wanted. Leia had paid for exactly what had been in the back of her mind since she was a little girl. The wedding of her dreams… I had to admit that it was a rather splendid affair. Personally I’ve never cared much for weddings (except for sleeping with hot bridesmaids, and I wasn’t going to attempt that at my own wedding) but this one had turned out way more fun than I ever imagined it would be. And I was glad about that, mostly because my best friends –who were also my groomsmen–were having a sweet time.

We got through the wedding and the ceremony. It was fairly traditional in a large, opulent looking, lavish church with a lot of people in attendance. Leia didn’t have any family left, but she had a wealth of friends, associates, business partners, investors, and her top level executives. It was my first time meeting most of them so I was sure to be on my best behavior. After all, I had to make a good impression and show everyone that Leia had married a great guy and not some hayseed. I could be polished and urbane when I needed to be.

Leia looked amazing. I’d seen a few brides in my time and she put them all to shame. Even her dress was beautiful and to me (and most men) wedding dresses all kind of look the same and we can never understand why women put so much effort into finding the perfect one, but Leia’s was stunning. It was most likely tailor made for her and it accentuated every single perfect curve and nuance of her amazing figure.

I could not hold back a gasp as I saw her at the end of the aisle, being escorted by Martin Prince, one of her father’s best friends and top executives in the company. He was a very nice guy and fun to talk to. We had agreed to get together and play golf at some time. I imagined I was going to be playing a lot more golf with my newfound wealth and freedom.

After the ceremony we got changed for the reception. The party was insane. Luckily, Leia had let me help plan a good bit of it. She’d wanted me to help more with the wedding itself, but I explained to her straight up that I knew dick about weddings and that I had no real interest or ideas in how it should go. Whatever she wanted to do I was totally fine with it. Things would go more smoothly if I just stayed out of the way.

And they did.

But the party on the other hand… I was very invested in that. There was lots of booze, a live band (Leia had argued with me about just getting a DJ, but I had stuck to my guns about it and it was perfect), and great food. Leia initially wanted a bunch of rich people food like caviar and lobster and boring stuff served buffet style. I decided it would be more fun to have pizza and pasta dishes. We decided on a compromise and had both. That was the best thing about money being no object; you could always have it all. There was very little that we had to compromise about.

“So, how’s it going Ricky?” I asked my good friend Ricky Butler. He was over by the food table polishing off another slice of pizza.

“It’s great, man,” Ricky said. “I think that Wanda girl wants me.”

I glanced over at the bridesmaid he was talking about. Her name was Wanda Carrington. She was an old college friend of Leia’s that she didn’t talk about much, but apparently she was important enough in Leia’s life that she had to invite her to the wedding. She was a hot girl, but a bit ditzy. Then again Ricky was also ditzy so the two of them would have gotten along.

“Go for it, man,” I said. I took a big gulp of the beer and then grabbed a slice of pizza. I didn’t know what it was about pizza, but anytime you ordered a lot of it for an event of some sort, it always tasted so much better than if you just ordered one for yourself. It was like all the sauce and everything was just so much better. It boggled the mind.

Yep, I was getting fairly drunk.

I decided this would be my last beer for a bit. I did have a brand new wife to pleasure later. Since we’d been engaged I’d moved into Leia’s place, paid off all my debt, and got rid of my apartment. And we’d been making love almost every single day, often more than once. It was unreal. Her sex drive was just as high as mine; it seemed that we were perfect for each other. I couldn’t wait for the first sex as husband and wife; it was going to be epic.

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