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I toweled off and walked out of the gym. It was going to be a good day; I could feel it. As I started up the steps headed towards a hot shower and good lunch, I heard female voices talking. Oh, yeah. I remembered that Leia was interviewing nannies today. It was about time. She hadn’t seemed too eager to replace the last one we had since that one decided to quit for family reasons (whatever the hell that meant) and it was obvious that Leia was getting too happy with doing everything for the kids herself while letting other things slide a bit. That wouldn’t do. It was bad for business and it was annoying for me. I hated having her around all the time. I had to constantly endure her dirty looks.

It had been four days since the fight that night in the nursery. I’d let the beans slip about my plan right from the start and I’d said some pretty harsh things to Leia. But what did she expect? She was always coming down on me, always whining about the screaming kids (it was practically all she talked about) and she once again basically called me a worthless bum, even if she hadn’t used so many words. The intent was there. I was not stupid. I could practically read her mind. She was that transparent. There was nothing she could hide from me.

The sight of her in total anguish and tears as I walked out of the room was priceless. I’d won that fight so easily. Hell, I’d broken her down to the ground with just some mean words. It felt good knowing that I was really in control of my own destiny. I’d known I was, but to have it actually be out in the open without any pretenses felt great. I was happier and more stress free than I’d been in a while. I doubt that Leia had noticed, but she’d been avoiding me a lot lately. She preferred to sleep in a guest room and had hardly even uttered a word to me. I couldn’t really blame her, but I was starting to get a bit lustful.

I figured I might have to make nice one of these days to get some action. Or I could just start exploring my other options. Yet, I had to be careful about that. All Leia had to do was hire someone to tail me and get some incriminating photos in front of a judge and my goose was cooked. No, I wasn’t going out like that. Hell, I’d been on the other side of that a few times. I knew that game all too well.

But that didn’t mean I couldn’t have a little fun.

“Hey, there,” I said as I walked into the living room where Leia and an attractive young woman were sitting across from each other on the couches.

I was not wearing a shirt and I was still fairly sweaty from my workout. Instantly I locked eyes with the woman sitting across from Leia. She was a natural redhead with sweet eyes, a nice smile, and beautiful legs which were crossed over one another giving only a hint of what was lying between them.

Leia was shocked for a moment at me being there and probably even more shocked that I was shirtless. But she recovered well and played the dutiful host.

“Laney, this is Ted, my husband,” Leia said.

I reached out and shook Laney’s hand. “It’s very nice to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Laney said. She tried to hide her eyes from my gaze, but I could see the spark of attraction there.

I knew that Leia could feel the tension in the air and it smelled delicious to me.

“Laney and I were just finishing up,” Leia said.

“Great,” I said. “Have you worked with kids before?” I asked Laney.

“Yes, as I was telling your wife, I just finished working for a family of six for the past three months. They are moving out of state, so that’s why I’m looking now.”

“Outstanding,” I said.

“Laney has excellent references and a wealth of experience,” Leia said. “Although we still have some more interviews, unless Mary Poppins herself stops by, I’d say Laney is our frontrunner.”

Laney smiled and blushed slightly. It was sexy and I couldn’t resist feeding the feeling.

“Well, I certainly would hope so,” I said blatantly staring down Laney’s blouse at her cleavage (small, but perky looking) and then letting my gaze drift further south to take in her slender, smooth legs.

Laney shifted uncomfortably as she watched Leia watching me. It was perfect.

Leia cleared her throat. “Um, well I’ll give you a call later to let you know.”

Laney nodded a bit angrily and walked towards the door ahead of Leia, obviously disturbed by what had just happened.

Leia shut the door behind her and turned at me. She was furious. It always made her look so sexy.

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