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Taylor stood me up and had me lay down on the bed. He reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down my legs slowly, letting them slip off my feet. Then he held the underwear for a moment and gave them a small sniff.

I giggled. “What do you think?”

“Delicious,” he said.

Suddenly, he was down on his knees. His hands pushed my skirt up until my pussy was exposed. He took one of his long, thick fingers and traced the line of the slit ever so softly. I could see a bead of wetness now on the tip of his finger as he brought it up in front of his face. Then he put his finger in his mouth and slowly pulled his finger out, savoring the flavor of that drop of my juices.

“Hmmm,” Taylor moaned.

Watching him taste me so slowly was one of the most erotic things I’d ever experienced. I felt myself getting wetter by the moment and my body was now tingling all over. I wanted him inside of me now. I couldn’t wait much longer.

Taylor stuck his finger actually inside of me this time—just barely inside me—and then pulled out another long bead of wetness. He savored it in his mouth once again.

“Eat me, baby,” I moaned.

Taylor smiled and knelt down farther to put his face in my crotch. The moment his lips touched me my body felt electrified with lust. I wanted to consume Taylor in every way that someone could be consumed right then. I wanted every part of him in my pussy, in my mouth, and in my soul.

His tongue licked me in long, slow strokes. He knew how to build the sexual tension. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it more than even I did. He started by licking just the outer lips and then he was pressing inside until his tongue was mixing with the juices inside of my sweet box.

I moved my hips from side to side and then up and down, trying to mix in a bit of variety and play with Taylor. He almost laughed at one point, but he stayed the course and very soon I could feel an epic climax about to happen.

I pulled away from his mouth and looked him dead in the eyes.

“I want you to fuck the shit out of me,” I said.

Taylor stood up and removed every stitch of his clothing. There he was fully nude, standing right in front of me. His body was tight and slender. He was well muscled, but not the least bit bulky. He was perfect.

I quickly removed my skirt and my blouse. I was now lying there with only my bra, my legs raised up and ready for him to enter me.

Taylor looked at me. “Everything.”

I laughed and removed the bra, throwing it across the room.

“Now, fuck me!” I commanded.

“Yes, ma’am,” Taylor joked.

He straddled me on the bed and suddenly with a little twitch of his hips he was inside of me. I let out a long breath of tension as my whole body relaxed around his huge cock. As I did so he moved even deeper until he was stretching me to capacity. It was such a tight fit.

Taylor was slow with the lovemaking. His hard cock moved in and out at a slow, but steady pace. My legs were up high wrapping around his slender torso as I held onto him. I tried to buck my hips in unison with him to facilitate the fucking. It worked. He was pounding me deeply now as I concentrated on my breathing.

“You feel so good…” Taylor moaned. He kissed me hard on the mouth, his lips wiggling sensuously back and forth across mine. Each time our lips touched a jolt of pleasure would course through my body and make my pussy quiver around Taylor’s dick. He continued to thrust into my wetness. The friction was perfect.

Taylor pulled out of me and moved to my side. He tilted me to the right and wrapped his arm around me. Then he was inside of me again. I leaned back into it. It made me feel so loved, almost worshipped to be held this way as I was being made love to. From this angle the fitting of our perspective parts seemed even tighter. I was clamping now around his engorged member while he pushed into my pulsating pool of desire.

“I love you, Leia,” Taylor whispered in my ear. He kissed my ear, nibbled on it, and let his tongue slip into it just ever so slightly. His hands were rubbing my breasts lovingly. He held me close as we continued our lovemaking. It felt so right. As if this was where I was supposed to be. It almost made me glad that I’d had to go through everything I did. Maybe it had happened for a purpose. I wasn’t sure if I really had to go through that much hell though. But who was I to question?

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