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“I love you, too,” I said.

I heard Taylor breathe a huge sigh of relief and happiness. He’d been waiting for me to say those words for a long time. And I’d finally done it. I’d told him I loved him. And I meant it. It felt good to say those words to someone and truly mean it with every fiber of your heart and soul.

“I love you, Taylor. I love you, so much. I have for a long time.”

My words came in moaning gasps as he continued to penetrate me. He was fucking me even harder now, his thrusts coming long and deep with just the most perfectly timed pause between the two.

“I’m coming!” I yelled a moment before the climax overtook me. My whole body clenched as the sweet moment of total release came over me.

Taylor held me tightly against him, still comforting me and reassuring me that I was in a safe place. Somehow he knew that it was the most important thing for me to feel right then. With everything I’d gone through with Ted, I just wanted to feel happy and safe. I hadn’t been in that space for so long…

“AAGGGH!” Taylor moaned as he came inside of me.

I felt his body flexing against mine, his cock almost permanently wedged into me as he pumped every single drop of his magnificent seed inside.

I tried to buck against him, but his body posture was still too rigid against mine. He shuddered for several seconds until finally he released his hold and lay there gasping for breath. His thick member was still inside of me.

I reached behind me and held his ass. I pressed him firmly against me while I bucked my hips back and forth.

“Shit!” Taylor gasped as my pussy moved up and down on his spent cock.

I continued this for several seconds until neither of us could take anymore.

And then we laid there in each other’s arms until sleep eventually came. I think Taylor fell asleep first. I loved listening to his breathing as he slept. It was soft, and soothing.

I couldn’t believe how happy I was.

This was a day I thought I would never have again. I had a brand new body, a brand new life. And I had a brand new love. I truly felt like the luckiest woman in the world.

The only thing I didn’t have were my kids. And soon I would have them by my side.

And I would have my revenge on the man who had taken everything from me.

Chapter Twenty-Two


“What the hell, Elise? You were supposed to pick up the kids from school twenty minutes ago.”

Elise stood there staring at me for several seconds as if she had no idea what I was talking about.

“Why was I supposed to do that? You were in town. In fact, you were about two miles from there just a bit ago.”

“Yeah, but I was busy with work. You are their nanny. I pay you to pick them up from pre-school and bring them home. Then it’s your job to supervise them until I get home and to keep them out of my hair while I finish up business here in my office. I’ve got calls to make still.”

“Wait a minute,” Elise said. “I’m your girlfriend. I said I’d help out from time to time, but I thought it was implied that once we started dating you would hire an actual full time nanny. What the hell is this?”

“Then why am I still paying you a salary?” I asked.

Elise shrugged. “I don’t know. You can afford it. You know I’m between jobs right now and I’m trying to save money to go back to school. I just thought you wanted to help me out.”

I balled my hand into a fist and pounded the counter top. I wanted to throw it through her fucking skull. This was getting to be too much trouble; way more than it was worth. I’d hired Elise about a month before to be a nanny to the boys. And I have to admit I hired her because she was hot. Well, it turned out she was also an amazing lover who had very little that was off limits in the bedroom. So I started dating her, but I never told her that she was no longer a nanny for the boys.

And now I was sick of her altogether. If I’d known, she was that stupid I probably wouldn’t have banged her to begin with. Stupidity in a woman-no matter how hot she looks—is a huge turnoff for me. I can’t stand stupidity in anyone. It’s even worse if I want to have sex with that person.

“You know what? We are done. You are done here. You are fired as a nanny and as whatever this was between us,” I said. “Get the hell out.”

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