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I laughed. “Yeah, sometimes when I play golf I like to ham it up and really dress the part. How do I look?”

I struck a playful pose making a mockery of how cheesy it was. I was not above being silly to amuse a beautiful woman. It had served me well in my life.

Jane giggled. “I think you look very dashing.”

“Dashing? Yeah, that’s it. Now that’s not a word I hear much anymore, except in old movies about old Britain.”

“Now, you’ve got me,” Jane said. She placed the mashed potatoes and the Salisbury steak on the table. “My father practically raised me on old movies, and he was a bit of a British history buff.”

“Sounds like a great man,” I said. “I’d love to meet him sometime.”

Jane frowned. “I’m afraid that is not possible. He passed away when I was fifteen.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that,” I said. Daddy issues. I loved it.

I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down at my chair at the head of the table.

“I’ll get the boys for dinner,” Jane said.

I grimaced. I’d hoped to have a meal in peace.

“Why don’t you let the boys eat in their rooms and you and I can sit down to dinner together. You’ve made enough for an army and I think you deserve a great meal. After all, you slaved over it and prepared it.”

“Ok,” Jane said. “I’ll do that.”

She fixed a couple small plates and then said, “I’ll be right back,” as she headed off towards the boys’ rooms.

When she came back she took off the apron she was wearing and let her hair down, pulling the tie away from it. I watched in awe as her luscious locks fell to her shoulders. It was like seeing a sexy woman in some shampoo commercial. She was that good and far more beautiful. And Jane had the type of beauty that was all natural, like she never needed makeup. In fact, that would have covered up the perfection of what was already there.

Jane fixed us both a plate and sat down.

I took a bite of the steak and moaned with delight as my taste buds tingled and my mouth came to the brink of an orgasm. It was beautiful.

“Wow, this is the best steak I’ve ever had,” I said. “Salisbury is my favorite. How did you know? You aren’t like Facebook stalking me or something, are you?”

Jane blushed. “No, it’s just one of my favorites, too. It’s actually an old recipe that my grandmother passed down to me.”

“Ah, those old recipes are always the best aren’t they? If we could find a way to bottle grandmother magic and put it into food, then we’d all be eating like kings.”

“Right,” Jane said. “I’m glad you like it.”

“So, how were the boys today? They seem to have really taken to you. I’ve never heard them this quiet. I hate to say it, but sometimes when I want to get things done in the office, I have to lock them out and make sure they are kept in their rooms. Otherwise, even in this huge house, I can hear them all the way in the office. Don’t let them fool you; those kids can make some noise.”

“Well, they are babies,” Jane said. “I think all boys are hyper rambunctious at that age. I bet you were too, if you can remember that far back.”

She had a point and tried to remember.

“Maybe,” I said. “I’m a handful now; I can only imagine myself as a toddler.”

We ate in silence for a moment. Finally, I asked her a few more things about herself, trying to probe a bit deeper. This was the first time I’d really had a chance to get to know her outside of her role as a nanny. I tried to listen, but she was so beautiful that every time she spoke my mind just went to some kind of a happy place where nothing else mattered.

“So, I don’t see a wedding ring,” I said. “What’s the deal? Are you divorced? Single? You are bound to have someone special in your life, right.”

“Well, not really. I’m just kind of by myself for a bit. I just got out of a bad relationship, so I’m enjoying a break from the drama, you know?”

“I do. Those types of toxic people are so hard to take. You just have to get them out of your life.”

“I agree,” Jane said. She held my gaze for a moment and I was captivated by the beauty in her eyes. There was something familiar about them. I couldn’t put my finger on what though, but I felt it was close to my heart somehow. She was definitely the type of woman that I could feel myself actually falling in love with. Well, for a while anyway. Being me, I was bound to get bored eventually. But I was willing to take whatever I could get from her.

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