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I went to the next page of the article and a big picture of the beautiful, exquisite Leia pulled up. She was ravishing. And she was filthy rich, let’s not forget that.

She was also the sweetest person I’d ever met; that I hadn’t counted on, but it was endearing actually. She had a natural mothering, caring, instinct.

It was almost a shame…

She had no idea what I was about to put her through. But sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do.

Yes, it was almost a shame really…


Chapter Three


Two Weeks Later

Ted told me that the motocross race would be exciting, and he was not feeding me any lines. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I first walked into the arena and headed towards my seat. The place was packed mostly with rows of seats rising up towards the rafters. A large race track was in the center of the building. It was covered in dirt and had several hills with a start line and a finish line. I could already see several of the bikes getting set up in position for the first races of the evening. It was my understanding that Ted’s race would be the final match of the night.

I usually went to events like this with friends, or the occasional date, but tonight I really wanted to go do this alone. I wasn’t sure it was the sort of thing that any of my friends would be into, and plus I just wanted to experience it solo. I wasn’t even sure that my ticket would be at the gate the way that Ted promised it would be. I figured he would have already forgotten about me, and the venue appeared to be sold out, so I was a little hesitant when I first arrived, but when I gave them my name there my ticket was.

I got some snacks and found my seat. I was going to make a fun evening of this and just let myself enjoy the full experience. So, for that to happen two chili dogs, a box of popcorn, and a diet soda were required. That’s right—diet soda. I was keeping it healthy.

I watched the first few races and I was blown away. I could not believe how high some of these guys were jumping. Several of them landed weird on a few of the jumps and either slowed down, crashed into other riders, or just fell to the ground only to get back up and continue on the race. It quickly became apparent that seeing the fails was even more fun than seeing them succeed. I found, almost sadistically in a creepy way that watching the bike riders make their jumps perfectly got to be a little bit boring after a bit. No, it was more entertaining to see them crash. I felt guilty and a bit amused at this observation about myself, but looking around I was not the only one.

I’d found myself unable to stop thinking about Ted. He was so charming, so handsome… and he had this easygoing nature that I found intriguing as well. We had the same sense of humor and neither one of us took ourselves too seriously. A few days after the accident, I found myself really wishing that I had his number so I could call or text him. I was even considering Facebook stalking him for a bit and sending him a friend request, but that would have been way too obvious. I really liked this guy and it had been a while since I had stumbled across any guy that really piqued my interest the way he did, and I definitely did not want to blow it.

I was thinking about him at work as well. During a few board meetings I’d drifted off in my mind and missed some important information that I had to have them go over again quickly. I played it off as having a touch of the flu, but really my mind was just thinking about Ted.

There wasn’t much about him online, other than a few things about Motocross. He hadn’t been riding at the pro level very long, but then again he was only twenty-eight. I didn’t know much about this sport, but any professional sport had to be insanely competitive to get into. And he was one of the few people out there riding who could call themselves a professional. I thought that was pretty admirable.

Soon the time came for the final race of the night. I was almost feeling the two chili dogs starting to wrestle each other in my stomach trying to vie for dominance. I took a few sips of my diet soda and followed with some popcorn, hoping that would settle things down.

I wasn’t sure why I was so nervous for him. I just wanted to see him do well, and as I thought about it I had never really known anyone who was a professional athlete. I’d come to all of my boyfriends’ football games in high school and college (although a good bit of the time I was focused on my own athletic endeavors) but never have I actually interacted with a professional athlete. And I’m not someone who is typically star struck by anyone, but maybe it’s because I grew up very athletic that I have always had a thing for athletic guys. Maybe it’s the hunger of the competition that gets me going. I enjoy it when a man has a healthy lust for competing and proving that he is better at something.

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