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I sat down on the couch and sighed heavily. Grabbing the whiskey bottle I took a few swigs and tried to calm down. I’d been nothing but a bundle of nerves lately.

The only thing that had helped at all was that amazing, impromptu massage that Jane had given me the night before. Wow… that was something else. I was still thinking about that. She was truly a woman of many gifts.

I’d been thinking of her a lot lately. I desperately wanted her. She was the most interesting woman I’d met since…well… since Leia. The two of them were a lot alike, but Jane wasn’t so high and mighty and condescending. That was what got Leia killed. She was so bitchy all the time that eventually she pushed me too far.

“What to do… what to do…” I muttered to myself before taking another drink.

The cosmetics company was my main source of revenue. The guys in charge knew what they were doing and it kept me sitting pretty. But there were a lot of silly maintenance duties I had to do as the owner of the company that just bored me to tears. With the money racked up over the years, I was sitting on billions of dollars’ worth of a goldmine. What I found myself wondering lately was why didn’t I just sell the company to the highest bidder? Then I could just disappear and live my life happily and quietly somewhere.

But even then I would be giving up so much money… I didn’t know if it was actually worth it.

Then again, it was worth looking into. I grabbed my phone off the floor (thankful that it had not cracked anywhere) and made a few phone calls to let it be known that I was looking for interested buyers. It did not take long for the calls to come rolling in.

* * *

I left the last of the meetings of the day feeling pretty good about things. I had four different people interested in buying Daniels Cosmetics for a nice, hefty sum. Of course I would lose money in the long run, but it was really enough to strongly consider getting rid of the headache of it all. Why did I really need to bother with it? I was so tired of working all the time and having nothing to show for it other than a company that I didn’t give a piss for. It was just the money stream; that was all it had ever meant to me. It was serving its purpose, but my needs and desires had changed.

When I got home I was surprised to see that the house was empty and the kids were not there. The nanny must have taken them somewhere to entertain them or to wear the energy out of them so they would sleep that night. I could swear those kids needed to be tested for attention disorders. They were very small, but they never stopped with the energy. Luckily, Jane had enough pep to keep up with them quite well. I was really starting to like her.

The other night had been a big faux pas on my part. I’d actually tried to get her to touch my ass. What the hell had I been thinking? I giggled as I remembered it, but she’d almost stormed out and I couldn’t afford to let her go. She was too perfect. The kids loved her.

I’d seen a lot of positive changes in the twins since Jane had come around. They were less disruptive, less violent with each other, and they stayed out of my hair way more. I hadn’t even felt the urge to knock them silly lately.

But she had stayed. That told me that there was hope for her and me yet. Most women would have walked and kept walking if they weren’t interested, but not Jane. No… she was almost amused by it. I could tell by that twinkle in her eye. I’d been great at reading people my whole life. It just came natural to me. It seemed like everyone revealed their hand the instant they met you. You could just read it on them.

I went into the billiard room, poured a whiskey, and started playing some pool. I was just getting into it when I heard the door open and a moment later the kids voices. Well, so much for a relaxing evening to myself. I just hoped that the nanny would keep them out of my hair for a while. And I really hoped we’d have another dinner like we had the night before.

After a few racks of pool, the door opened and Jane stood there. She looked as beautiful as ever. The dress she wore was very form fitting, but casual. It billowed away from her legs just enough to tantalize and tease the eye about what lay under the dress and her cleavage was very enticing as well. I could clearly see that she had phenomenal breasts.

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