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“Yeah,” I replied. “I hope I got enough.”

“Great job, Leia.” Taylor kissed me and patted me on the lower back before drawing me into a half hug.

“So, who is this friend of yours?” I asked taking off my jacket and draping it over a kitchen chair. Taylor who had been sitting on the sofa with a book got up and sauntered into the kitchen where I was grabbing something to drink from the fridge.

“Her name is Lilly Kerns. She is an old college friend of mine. She works in forensics up in Los Angeles. I spoke with her the other day and she said it was no problem to examine these samples. If Ted’s DNA hits any previous cold cases, then we might have some solid evidence of past crimes.”

“Great,” I said. I opened the beer I’d grabbed from the fridge and sat down at the table, thankful to relax. It had been a fun day with the boys at the zoo, but it had also been tiring. I was ready for a good nap.

“What’s wrong?” Taylor asked. He sat down across from me and leaned in. I loved how he was always so interested in exactly what was on my mind and what I was going through at any given time. It showed he really cared, and he could do so without being nosey or the least bit pushy.

I sighed. “I’m just worried, as usual. I’m afraid that this is futile and nothing will come back from the forensic match. So far, Ted isn’t talking to me, or at least giving me something that might inadvertently implicate him in my attempted murder. So, if this doesn’t work then I don’t know what’s next.”

“Someone like Ted didn’t wake up one day and just decide to be a criminal. That’s not how it works. Odds are that he did some things in his past when he was young that he doesn’t want to come back to haunt him. But things like that always do. There is no getting away from it. I’m very positive that we will turn up something.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“For what?”

“You always know just what to say to make me smile and put me at ease.”

“I’m a doctor; it’s part of my bedside manner.”

“Well, speaking of bedside,” I said. “How about a little poolside?”

I stood up with my beer and walked out of the double glass doors in the back of the living room that led out onto the pool area. I loved to swim in Taylor’s pool at night. It was warm and refreshing and even better when I had company.

Outside on the patio I quickly stripped out of my clothes, even removing my bra and panties so that I was standing there looking at Taylor wearing absolutely nothing. Taylor was now standing in front of the double doors. He was slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

I stepped back slowly towards the pool, stopping right at the edge. I wanted him to see me basking in the pool lights. The illumination was so erotic. It always turned me on instantly to see him standing there, his shadow stretched long behind him, and the light hitting all of the right parts of his body.

He kicked his boxer shorts to the side and strode towards me naked. His lean, toned body was beautiful. And his dick jutted out from his body, rising slowly and steadily. He was so thick, so meaty. The very sight of it made me wet with anticipation.

Taylor stroked his cock in his right hand, letting it smack rhythmically against the palm of his hand. The sight and the sound were hypnotic. My body was growing warmer. I’d felt dirty since I was being so flirty with Ted, but now I was starting to feel clean again. I wanted Taylor to make sweet love to me. I needed to be loved again, worshipped again by a real man.

Taylor wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. His dick pressed firmly against my stomach. I could feel it pulsating with the sweet boner he had going on and as he kissed me, his member got even harder.

His lips were soft; his mouth warm. It was a beautiful place that I never really wanted to ever leave. In his arms was the only place for me. I never wanted to be anywhere else, because even though I was a strong and independent woman, sometimes I did get down and a bit insecure. Taylor’s loving arms were the cure. Anytime I needed to I just fell into him and his warm embrace was always there.

Taylor’s hands moved down to my ass and cupped my cheeks. His hands were strong and firm, with long, slender fingers. Within seconds they were parting my cheeks. The cool air felt nice as it brushed against my parts. Taylor’s fingers were in between the cheeks now, moving around, and teasing me a bit. But very soon they found my wet pussy and began to tease me. His middle finger was inside me from behind. I found myself bending over slightly to facilitate this.

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