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“You’re so wet,” Taylor said in between kisses. His lips were still going to work against mine, each kiss full of love and devotion to me. With Taylor I always felt like the most precious woman on earth.

Taylor grabbed his dick and moved it between my legs so that I was almost balancing on top of it as it slid back and forth against the outside of my pussy. It was a different sensation and it was very enjoyable indeed. I had to stand on my toes for it to fully work, but once he was sliding back and forth I began to get hotter and hotter. His cock occasionally brushed against my clit just right and a solid beam of pleasure would rush through me.

I suddenly jumped away and hopped into the swimming pool behind me laughing my head off. Taylor stood there a few moments a little surprised. He continued to beat his hard cock against his hand. I could see he was ready for me. And I was ready for him, too.

Taylor stepped into the pool, letting himself in gently to the shallow area. Once inside he walked towards me to the middle part of the pool where I was floating gracefully, my fingers toying with my bits.

Once he reached me, he kissed me hard again, this time even more passionately, holding the kiss long without letting go of it. His sweet breath, the life force dwelling within him—all of it mingled with my own and I felt my whole body become a hub of pleasure.

And then he was inside of me.

I’d had my legs wrapped around his and I was straddling him in the pool as he kissed me, but all of a sudden he pushed down on me slightly and slipped into me.

“Shit…” I groaned.

I tried to breathe, but my body was undulating with pleasure as it tried to get used to the massive cock inside of it. Taylor was wasting no time. He pushed in and out of me parting the water aside as he entered me. The sensation of the water surrounding him and his large cock was awesome. It created a tighter squeeze filled with some sort of a suction that was pleasurable.

Taylor held me tightly against his body, his head on my shoulder now as he hugged me with a love that I’d never known before him. All the times I thought I might be in love or that I was with the right person—I realized it almost immediately with Taylor that nothing had ever been close to what I felt for him. And I could tell he felt the same about me.

Suddenly, we were moving. Taylor was carrying me through the water as he continued to fuck me until we were at the side of the pool.

“Turn around. I want to feel your ass against me,” Taylor whispered.

I did as he asked. A second later his cock entered me again. I loved it when he came at me from behind. He went much deeper and it felt somehow thicker and tighter inside of me.

Doing my best to bend over and hold still in the water that was still pretty deep, I braced myself as Taylor thrusted into me over and over again. I held on tightly to the edge of the pool and just resigned myself to letting him have his way with me.

His finger suddenly pressed against my asshole.

“Do you want it?” Taylor asked, whispering in my ear breathlessly.

“Yes,” I replied.

His finger slipped into me and slid deeply into my asshole. I gasped and leaned back into it. His hard cock was still pounding my pussy and I was inching closer to orgasm with each passing second.

But his finger in my backdoor was a game changer. I don’t know what it was about it, but suddenly I felt that I was about to come immediately. I could feel his cock touching against his finger inside my asshole through the wall separating my pussy from my ass. It was kind of bizarre, but wonderful.

And then he pushed two fingers into my ass. I was being stretched wider, but the simulation of being double penetrated was amazing. I loved the naughtiness of it. The fact that it was still considered a bit taboo just made it all the hotter.

“Fuck me!” I growled. I wanted it harder and faster.

Taylor obliged and within minutes I came hard in the pool.

I could feel the orgasm in both my pussy and my ass. The shockwaves of it hit me in huge sweeping blasts roaring throughout my body, and leaving me feeling so weak that my legs didn’t feel like my own.

Taylor came hard inside of me a few minutes later. His hand squeezed my hair into a ball of his fist and shook violently as the pleasure ripped out of his body.

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