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When I bit into the pancakes I could hardly breathe for a moment they were so good. It was an almost sexual experience eating those moist, delicious flapjacks coated with fresh, creamy butter, and freshly squeezed (none of that processed store bought junk) maple syrup.

And the coffee was exactly the way I liked it. There was just a hint of cinnamon added to it, but it was very strong. I had never understood why anyone would be happy with weak coffee like they served in restaurants. It was absurd.

I finished breakfast and made a few phone calls about business. It seemed the offers were still rolling in, though they had actually started to slow down a little bit. I was probably going to be forced to make a decision sometime soon about who I wanted to sell to. There were so many things to way out about it…This was turning out to be the hardest decision of my life.

I went down to the gym and hit the weights really hard. My body felt sluggish from all the alcohol the night before but by the end of the workout I was feeling so much better. It cleared my head a bit and by the end I actually started thinking that I might not want to sell at all. Maybe I would miss it. I mean, it was frustrating at times to the point that I just felt I couldn’t stand another moment of it, but then there were times when I was bored and I had work to do that really gave me a sense of purpose for the day. I’d be lost without it. I was thinking that I’d thrown out those offers too hastily.

But then again… maybe my energies would be best focused elsewhere.

I showered up and went to town to take care of a few things with the motorcycle business. It really was a sinking ship that was going down faster than I had expected. It saddened me to no end because I’d wanted to see the business succeed so much. I’d put all that time and effort into it and now it was no good. One could not help but be a bit disheartened by that.

When I got home Jane and the boys were there. When she saw me she smartly guided the boys up to their rooms to play. After a few minutes she came back downstairs. I was sitting on the couch watching some news shows. With the night I had there was not much I really felt like doing at the moment. There was just too much weighing on my mind. I needed a break; I needed a rest, whether I actually wanted to do it or not. I made the decision that I was going to start putting my physical needs first. I was too many things to too many people. That had to stop.

Jane sat down on the smaller couch across from me. Wow, she looked amazing. She was wearing a long, sexy skirt that clung to her form in the most enticing way. For a top, she was wearing a tight blouse that left enough cleavage to stimulate the mind just enough to put me on edge. And her hair was shiny, long, smooth, and straight. It rested gently on her shoulders; I loved it.

Hell, I loved her. I could feel myself starting to really have strong feelings for this woman. I knew it was going to blow up in my face one way or another, but that was a risk I was willing to take. Still, I wanted to proceed cautiously.

“So, how are you today?” Jane asked.

“I’m good,” I replied. “I appreciated that breakfast you made for me. I swear, you spoil me a bit.”

“I aim to please,” Jane said. The way she said it sounded very seductive.

“When was the last time someone took you out for a nice meal?” I asked.

Jane thought a moment. “It’s been a little while, actually.”

“Now that is a shame. What do you say, I take you out tomorrow night and show you how good it feels to be served and waited on?”

“What about the kids?”

“I can have the butler watch them. I’ll pay him extra and have him stay late. It’s fine.”

“I don’t date my employers,” Jane said.

“Who said it was a date? Can’t a friend buy another friend a meal without it becoming a thing?”

“They can of course, but we aren’t friends; you are my boss.”

“Semantics,” I said with a grin. “And I think we are great friends.”

Jane smiled. “It sounds like an interesting idea, but I can’t afford the time off work. I need the money.”

“Oh, that is easy enough. You will be paid as if you stayed right here. Now you are out of excuses.”

“I disagree; one can always find excuses for why one doesn’t want to do something.”

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