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“Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes. I’m yours, Draven. I’m ready.”

Out there, in the wild, anyone could have her. Her life wouldn’t be her own. She’d be passed around among men like nothing more than an incubator. With Draven, it was different. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. He aroused her, and above all else, he seemed to care.

She truly believed they could build a life together.

He moved his hand away, and she let out a whimper, not liking that he was making her wait like this.

“I’m going to make you beg, baby.” He knelt on the floor between her thighs, and she moved to her elbows to watch him. Draven held her hips in place, and she cried out as his tongue started to tease over her clit. Just as she was getting aroused, he stopped. “You taste so good.”

“Don’t stop.”

“You like what I’m doing to you?”


He chuckled, and she groaned. She’d never been this needy in all of her life. She’d never wanted nor needed a man before. Any minute and she’d demand he fuck her.

Draven didn’t keep her waiting. He sucked her clit into his mouth, his teeth biting down on the swollen nub, making her cry out and scream for more. He held her still as he attacked her pussy, more animal than man.

Each touch, lick, stroke, and suck took her higher and higher. She begged for more. She didn’t want him to stop. She was completely at his mercy, his tongue creating a riot of wicked pleasure.

Not once did he push inside her or force her for more. He took his time, letting her get accustomed to his wicked touch. He made her burn and ache for more.

Holding her in place, she couldn’t fight him off, not that she wanted to. Whatever he was doing with his tongue was too good to make him stop.

“You’re going to come all over my mouth, and then I’ll fuck you, Ashley.”

She knew if she asked him to, he’d stop.

That was the point.

No other man would stop. Especially not anyone the government matched her with.

She gasped as he swirled his tongue around her clit before sliding it back and forth. This time, he didn’t stop, and the magic kept on building, driving her higher and higher. His grip on her hips tightened to the point of almost being unbearable. There would be bruises tomorrow. She cried his name, and then he sent her hurtling toward the stars.

She’d never felt anything quite so magical in her life. The pleasure rushed over her entire body all at once, making her cry out, gasp, moan, and want so much more.

The feeling was so fleeting that at first, she couldn’t believe it was over.

Draven pressed a kiss to her clit and moved up her body. He kissed her navel, then each of her tits, before taking her mouth. She didn’t pull away, even as she tasted herself on his lips.

He slid his tongue inside, and she moaned, opening up for him to take even more.

“Tell me, Ashley,” he said, stopping the kiss. “If you don’t want this to continue, tell me to fucking stop.”

She cupped the back of his hand and drew him down toward her, kissing him harder. “I want this.” She spoke between kisses so he knew without a doubt what it was that she wanted.

Ashley couldn’t think of a better way to lose her virginity than with Draven, right here, in this moment. She’d belong to the king, the one man all the women wished they could have.

His cock pressed against her pussy, not probing, but she knew it was there, ready to take her.

He reached down between them, and he cut off the kiss to hold his cock. He was so big and wide, and the tip was so wet already from his pre-cum.

She watched him place his cock between her sensitive, wet slit, and as he slid up within her, she gasped at the sudden hit of pleasure as he hit her sensitized clit. He thrust between her pussy lips, going up and down, and finally, he stood poised at her entrance.

His gaze was on hers.

Draven didn’t slam inside her, claiming what was his. He waited. Giving her time to say no.

She was the one in control here. Not him.

Ashley didn’t say a word. She waited.

Wanting this.

Needing it.


Finally, he pressed forward. He broke through her virginity, and the sudden hit of pain took Ashley by surprise. She gripped his shoulders and released a whimper that she couldn’t stop.

Draven slammed to the hilt within her, and she cried out. He was so big. He possessed every inch of her.

When he was seated deep inside, he stayed perfectly still.

“I can feel every single pulse and ripple, baby. You’re so fucking tight. So tight.” He kept on repeating the last part.

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