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“We’re taking the world back, trying to undo the damage from the virus. We have a cure. More than enough for every fertile behind your walls. There’s food, medical care, and other resources set up in the major cities, if you’re in need. We’re trying to get the word out.”

A few other men opened a tarp door on the side of the truck, and two of them carried out wooden crates, small glass bottles clanking inside.

“What’s in the crates?” asked Luke.

“One vial now, one in two weeks. That’s all it takes. If you’ve survived this long, you have natural immunities, but the next generation will need protection. Any fertiles should take it. The most important thing is we’re getting control over the chaos. With the cure and the coordinating we’ve been doing, things are only going to get better.”

“You won’t be insulted if we don’t take your word for it,” said Draven.

A rush of fear ran turned Ashley’s blood cold. Was her baby in danger?

The man put up his arms as the other two set down the crates in front of the gates. “Just passing through, spreading the good news. The services in the city are open to anyone. It’s time we have peace again, don’t you agree?”

Ashley waited for Draven’s reaction. In fact, all the men looked to him for the next move. If what these travelers said was true, it would mean they wouldn’t have to live with so much fear of the unknown. It would mean Clara would be safe.

“How do we know that’s not poison? Once we’re all dead, you break in and take over.”

“I thought you’d say that.” The man nodded to one of the men who’d carried the crates. He pried it open with a crowbar and stepped back. “Pick a bottle.”

Draven reached through the bars of the gates and lifted a random vial. They all watched as the stranger took it, popped the cap, and swallowed it in one long gulp.

“You’ve never taken it?” asked Luke.

“Oh, I’ve taken it, but one more won’t kill me. I was on your side of the wall not long ago, so I understand exactly why you’re not ready to trust. Be sure to give it to any fertile women passing through.”

“Where will you go now?” Draven asked.

“We’ll keep on our course, looking for more settlements and travellers. We have to stick together. That’s what humanity is all about.”

Draven nodded, but didn’t move.

The men started to close the flap on their truck, preparing to leave. Then Clara started crying. It seemed that very moment was void of sound, not a breath or a whisper. Everyone looked up to the balcony where she stood. Ashley wanted to rush inside, but her feet stayed rooted in place.

“A baby?”

Would things change now? Would their true natures make their appearance? She held her breath, hoping this wasn’t a major con job.

“You’ve never heard a baby cry?” asked Draven. She knew he was trying to replicate disinterest, but he had to be as terrified as she was.

“Not out here. How many fertile females do you have?” asked the stranger.

“I don’t see how that matters.”

“If the mother hasn’t received the cure, the baby needs to have it as soon as possible. We’re looking to the future now, but it won’t be easy to rebuild. It will take generations.”

“You’re right. It will.” Draven palmed his rifle. A subtle threat.

The stranger nodded, stepping back. “You’re a lucky man. Take care of her. The world won’t rebuild itself.”

Then they were gone, packing up and driving off in the direction they were heading. Time seemed to halt until even the dust in the distance settled, signaling the convoy was gone.

Only minutes later, there was a knock on the bedroom door, making her gasp.


“It’s me, baby. Open up.”

She removed the barricades she’d put in place and unlocked the door. Draven stood there, the same large imposing man she’d fallen in love with. It felt like a lifetime ago since she first arrived at his kingdom.

“Do you believe them?” she asked.

He still hadn’t moved. “What else do we have but hope? They’re gone now. If everything he said is true, that means our threat level will drop and keep dropping. Clara will be safe.”

“But we don’t let down our guard,” she said.

Draven smirked. “No, little one, we always have to be ready.” He strode in, step by step, pushing the door shut as he entered.

He looked hungry.

She backed up, intimidated by his sexual energy, but not afraid. He looked worn and tired, a man pushed to the limits of stress. And he wanted her.

Just knowing what he was thinking made her pussy pulse.

“Ever since Clara was born, you’ve been hiding yourself from me. Why?”

She kept moving back, reaching behind her for something to anchor her. “A baby changes a woman’s body. You might not like what you see.”