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“But how do you know they aren’t looking at you? You’re quite handsome tonight as well.”

“Nope, but thank you for the compliment. If you’ve seen one monkey suit, you’ve seen them all. Tonight is all about you. And you deserve it.”

Cynthia was a little startled by his statement. She’d been lucky. She doubted she’d been spared because she deserved it more than anyone else on that plane. To be honest, she should’ve been one of the last ones spared. “For what? Not dying?”

“You’re a fighter. I’m so amazed at how you’ve handled everything that has been thrown at you the past few months. I didn’t realize you had it in you. I guess I never really gave you enough credit. I was always too busy to really see who you were, only what you wanted me and everyone else to see.”

Will stopped turning and they both became still in each other’s arms. He reached down and gently tipped her chin up to him so she couldn’t avoid his gaze. “I see you now, Cynthia. And I really like what I see.”

Cynthia was trapped in the blue eyes gazing down on her with adoration and unmasked attraction. It was the nicest thing he’d ever said to her. It wasn’t a declaration of love, but it was a step in the right direction. She’d held on to the dream of a real future together, but she figured it would take time. When she gave him back the engagement ring, it was a pledge to put in the necessary time and effort to fix their relationship. Perhaps it wasn’t as broken as she’d thought. They could have a future together. One filled with love and laughter.

As she stood there, surrounded by the gentle glow of crystal chandeliers and drifting orchestra music, she felt her heart slipping from her grasp. She barely knew Will, but she didn’t care. She knew he was honest and kind. He supported her like no one else had. He’d protected her from a world that seemed to come at her from all sides. He was a good man. A man worthy of the love that suddenly swelled in her chest for him.

Cynthia really did love him. And she wanted to tell him how she felt in this perfect moment, but she knew it was too soon. The night had been an emotional roller coaster, but she knew how it needed to end. She needed to find the solace and comfort she knew would be in Will’s arms. And in his bed. Maybe there she could find the courage to voice the words that wanted to burst out of her with their intensity.

Instead she said, “Kiss me.” And he did without hesitation.

She melted into him, neither of them worried about her makeup or the fact that a hundred people were watching them. It was just him and her, two lovers in a bubble that no one, not even Nigel, could burst.

When they finally came up for air, Cynthia knew she couldn’t stay at this party a moment longer. She needed to make love to Will.

“Now, we’ve danced. So take me home,” she demanded with a wicked smile.


C ynthia sat expectantly in the limousine, eyeing Will as though he would pounce on her at any moment, but he wasn’t about to start anything he couldn’t finish. She couldn’t walk up to the apartment carrying her dress, and she’d kill him if he ripped it off her the way he wanted to, so there was nothing to do but wait.

A little anticipation never hurt anyone. The past few days had taught him that.

But Cynthia wasn’t having it. She moved over to the opposite seat, facing him. Having her out of his reach was helpful, but now he couldn’t keep from looking at her. Which is exactly what she wanted.

Grasping at the fabric, she slowly inched her dress up her legs until they were exposed to the knee. He could see the bare flash of her inner thigh as she slipped out of her heels and stretched one pale, delicate foot across the distance between them. Starting at his ankle, it slowly snaked up his leg, gently caressing him as it went.

He tensed as her foot moved higher, slinking across his inner thigh. Will was firm, ready and aching for her touch. Her green eyes shone with a naughty glint as they locked on his. The corners of her mouth curved up in a knowing smile as her toes met with the base of his shaft and agonizingly slid up the hard length.

Will groaned aloud, his hands curving into tight fists at his sides. Thank God the privacy partition was up in the limousine. He didn’t want their driver to hear him, and he couldn’t keep the growl in his throat from escaping as her foot moved up and down in a rhythm set to make him absolutely crazy.

He would not reach for her, he told himself. They were almost home. Getting out of the car and upstairs might be an issue for him with her tiny pink-painted toes driving him to distraction, but he could do it.

“Aww,” Cynthia pouted as the limo pulled up outside their building. “I was just starting to have some fun.”