“You like that,” he murmured.

“Oh. Oh, yes.”

He did it once more, and again her body tightened. “And what will you do if I lick you, Emily? Will you come for me?”

She was so aroused it physically hurt. Her body throbbed with pain and need and all she wanted was for him to ease the ache. She nodded, unable to speak.

His grin was wicked—and beautiful. He pushed her thighs farther apart. And then he bent and licked the wet seam of her sex.

Emily’s back arched off the cushions as if someone had touched her with a live wire. The sound coming from her throat was high-pitched and desperate.

And she didn’t care. She wanted more. She wanted everything.

Kadir tongued her again and again, until she was fisting giant handfuls of cushion and panting his name. She was so, so close, her body wound tighter than any spring ever could be—but Kadir was skilled and he knew how to keep her from soaring over the edge.

“Kadir,” she begged. “Please.”

He stopped abruptly, getting to his feet while she cried out. She lay there in shock while he walked out of the room. But then he was back, ripping open a condom and shoving his briefs down before rolling it onto his thick length.

Emily’s heart beat harder as he stretched out over top of her again, pressing her into the cushions. His hand went between their bodies, stroked the bud of her sex.

“I have to be inside you, Emily. The first time you come with me, I want to feel it happening.”

He captured her mouth, his tongue sliding deep. He tasted like her and it made her feel wildly possessive. She kissed him harder and he responded with a surge of passion that left her breathless.

A moment later, she felt the head of his cock and she reached between them, both to touch him and to guide him into her. He stiffened as she wrapped her hand around him, and then he groaned when she pumped her fist over him once, twice.

In response, he hooked an arm behind her knee and spread her wide before plunging into her. Emily tore her mouth from his as a scream erupted from her throat. Her body was so ready for him, so primed and on edge, that she came immediately, shuddering around him while he rocked into her in short, quick strokes that dragged out her release.

“That’s it,” he said thickly. “Like that. Lose yourself in it, Emily.”

It had been so long since she’d had an orgasm that it seemed to last and last and last. But it ended finally and she went limp beneath him. He kissed her cheeks, her nose, her jaw.

“You needed that.”

She managed a laugh. “Yes.”

He was still deep inside her, his body as hard as stone. “Has it been a long time?”

She moved her hips, surprised when fresh fire streaked through her. “There was no time for dating while working for you.”

He spanned her hip with a broad hand and shifted her upward before stroking into her again. She moaned with pleasure.

“I am very glad for this,” he said tightly. “I cannot imagine you with anyone but me.”

He moved hard inside her then, branding her with the strength of his possession. Emily wrapped her legs high around his back, locking her ankles as he drove into her harder and faster, building the tension all over again. She didn’t think her body could respond so quickly to this fresh assault on her senses, but once again she was surprised by how well Kadir seemed to know her.

Their bodies strained together, rising and falling and melting, over and over, until Emily couldn’t hold on another moment. She spun out of control with a cry, falling off the edge and into the blackness below. She thought she might have sobbed his name, but she couldn’t be sure. Her every sense was suddenly overwhelmed with pleasure—and love so sharp it sliced her to ribbons inside.

“Emily,” he said in her ear, his voice urgent and tight. And then it broke as he found his own release, his body shuddering deep inside hers. He said her name again, but it cleaved in half with a groan.

She lay beneath him, stunned with the intensity of everything she was feeling. She was wrapped in his heat and the scent of sex, her body shuddering, her pulse pounding. All her worst fears had come true, in spite of her caution.

Kadir took everything from her, turned her inside out and shone a light on all the dark corners she’d tried to keep hidden. But she couldn’t deny the truth of her feelings anymore.

She’d tried so hard not to fall in love with him. She’d convinced herself for years that she despised him, that he was a playboy with no feelings and no heart and that he was beneath her contempt.

But it wasn’t true. He had feelings and he was as lost and alone as anyone, no matter how hard he tried to hide it from the world. If not for that, she could have remained apart. She could have kept her heart intact. But she’d fallen in love with Kadir al-Hassan, and she never wanted to be anywhere but here, lost in this tent in the desert with him.

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