Her heart beat madly in her throat. “You won’t.”

“I already have too many regrets,” he muttered savagely. “I don’t want you on my conscience, as well.”

“Then I must make sure that neither of us regrets tonight.”

When he glanced down the street as if thinking to escape, her hands flew around his neck and she pressed her trembling body to his. Even though they were fully clothed, she felt his hard muscles and erection against her pelvis.

“In the morning, you can go. I won’t try to stop you. I won’t be a problem.”

He tipped her chin back with a finger and smiled down at her gently. “You’re not the problem, chérie.” Suddenly his arms circled her waist in a death grip. For a long moment he simply held her, and she reveled in the heat of his great, hard body wrapping hers. His heart was still pounding violently when his mouth slanted across hers, unleashing a storm of emotion and other hot, licking sensations inside her.

One kiss and she felt weak and needy and yet powerful, too. And beautiful. So beautiful. Was this how Carol always felt?

He kissed her again and again, and each kiss was more heated than the last, at least until headlights at the end of the street splashed their shadows against the wall of her building.

Then on an undertone of dark laughter and in a low, slurred voice she hadn’t heard him use before, he said, “We’d better go inside before I embarrass the hell out of myself and you, as well, by taking you right here against that brick wall.”

He tugged her toward her building. Not that she resisted. She smiled when the door closed behind them, locking them inside the glass lobby.

When she punched the button for the lift, he grabbed her again and pushed her against a black marble wall that felt cold to the touch. Here he devoured her lips hungrily until soon they were both shaking so hard she couldn’t catch her breath. His hands sifted through her hair and then skimmed over her throat, her nipples, her waist and lower, his wide hand splaying intimately against her pelvis.

She felt a rush of heat as his hand continued to explore her.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Yes.”

Everywhere his fingers lingered, her skin burned in thrilling awareness. If he’d tried to strip her then and there, she would have let him. When the lift pinged and he pulled free, she ached all over with needs she’d never known she had.

“I haven’t ever felt quite like this,” she whispered. Leaning forward, she sucked on his lower lip an instant longer.

“Neither the hell have I,” he muttered, his tone almost angry. “Dammit. This is the last thing I ever wanted to have happen.”


I nside Carol’s flat, Remy bolted the door and drew her into his arms again.

“Nice,” he drawled as his gaze lazily took in Carol’s custom-made coffee table with the family photos in their silver frames and then the sofas covered in beige cotton velvet. Last of all he looked at her. “I didn’t really notice how nice it was before. All I saw was you.”He leaned down and picked up the picture of Carol and Steve. Still holding her with one arm, he said, “Is this your sister?”

Amy nodded.

“She’s very beautiful. Like a movie star.”

Like the women he usually dated.

“You’re even lovelier, though.”

He was staring at her with the laser focus of a man deeply attracted to a woman. The shadowy room was as quiet as a tomb, and it felt a whole lot smaller with him filling it.

Did he mean what he’d said, or was that just the sort of thing he said to every woman? Seconds ticked by.

Suddenly the tension was too much for her. Feeling embarrassed and out of her depth, she loosened herself from his grip and rushed to the window overlooking the street and opened it.

The night air held a slight chill, and she shivered. Somewhere a siren screamed.

Staring out at the glistening pavement and breathing in the damp, she didn’t dare look at him again for fear she’d reconsider what she was about to do.

“I’ve never done this, you know,” she said shyly, still feeling too unsure to face him. Funny, even as she said this, she felt as if the rest of her life had never existed, and as if all that would ever matter was being with him.

He moved behind her stealthily, and she gasped when his warm fingers lifted the black silk shawl from her shoulders and a cool breath of air stole across her naked skin.

“Done what?” he drawled against her ear in that deep voice, which made the last thread of her common sense unravel.

His warm breath against the back of her neck made her shake, or was it his hand moving over her that so affected her?

“Slept with a man the first day I met him.”

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