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Her clothes needed to fucking go, too. I moved my hands to the waistband of her pants, but stopped and started kissing her more possessively once again. I just couldn’t help myself where she was concerned. I wanted my handprints on her body, wanted my teeth marks on her flesh.

“I want to be inside of you.”

“Don’t stop.” She slanted her mouth on mine and speared her tongue between my parted lips. Back was the desperation, the kind that I felt down to my bones. I wanted more. I grabbed the collar of her shirt and in a swift move tore the fucking material in two. I had never needed anyone the way I did Piper. It was this fire in my veins, this desire in my marrow. I was dying to have every part of her, to be inside of her.

“God, Zane.”

I cupped her breasts, squeezed the mounds until she rocked back and forth against my erection, and knew I had to slow down, or I’d fucking come in my pants like a damn teenager.

“I need more.” Moving my hands lower, I pushed her pants down with frantic need and she kicked the material aside. Then I cupped her ass, feeling the plush mounds in my hands. I fucked her mouth with mine, my tongue moving between her lips, my cock hard as fucking steel.

I had her totally naked seconds later, my need too far gone to give a fuck about going slow.

“Christ. I’m so hard for you, Piper.” I moved my mouth to her ear and whispered, “I need to be inside of you now. I need to fuck you until you can only think of me when I’m not with you, baby.”

She shivered and looked me in the face. “Then do it. Fuck me.”

And that’s exactly what I did.



I couldn’t breathe, think, let alone stand on my own. Not when Zane was fierce, like an animal had been let free from him.

“I need you in my bed,” he ground out.

He had me in his arms, my legs now wrapped around his waist, my back now pressed to the wall. It was cold, my body instantly soaking in that frigidness, cooling my core temperature. But God, nothing could douse the fire raging inside of me.

He was hard. God, he was so hard for me. He moved his hand between our bodies and I gasped at the sensitivity.

“You know this is my first time?” I managed to whisper, needing him to know that I’d never done this before, that I was pure in pretty much every sexual sense.

He groaned and buried his face in the crook of my neck. His warm breath bathed my skin as he panted.

“A virgin,” he said, the vibrations from his voice spearing right into me. He pulled back and looked me in the eyes, his pupils dilated, the black eating up the irises. “My virgin.” He added pressure right between my thighs, his focus never wavering from mine. “My dick will be the only one that knows how this sweet little pussy feels, how tight and hot you are, how wet you get.”

I swallowed, licked my lips, and didn’t know how to respond. His words inflamed me to the point I felt like I’d combust.

“I’ll be the only one who will claim your cherry, take it as mine and show you how good this can be.”

He added even more pressure and I moaned, closing my eyes in the process.

“That’s it. Give it to me, Piper.”

“I need you,” I begged like some kind of fiend.

“Don’t worry, sweet girl. You’re about to have more than you can handle.” He was away from me a second later, but not before making sure I was steady enough to support myself. I was surprised I could even stand at this point.

He started getting undressed, his gaze on me, and his body so big, so muscular. Before I knew what was happening he was just as naked as I was.

And then he was nude, every hard, glorious inch of him on display. His broad shoulders, the light sprinkling of hair covering his pectoral muscles, all the way down to the rolling hills of his abdomen. And then there was a dark trail starting below his navel and going straight to a massive erection.

Maybe this was a bad idea, but it didn’t feel wrong.

He kissed me again and again, harder and faster than before, and I knew that there was no stopping this. But I didn’t want to, and knew that if I didn’t have Zane inside of me, this building pressure would be too much for me to contain.

He was pressed against me once more, his hard, naked body feeling so masculine against mine. He groaned against my neck, had his hands on my bare ass, and his mouth back on mine to swallow the surprised sound that came from me. It was like something had snapped inside of him.