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The noise got closer, coworkers laughing, nearing his office to where they would see us in this very intimate position. I was the one who cleared my throat and took a step back, breaking the tether that was between us.

I glanced away, my hands shaking so much that I had to curl my fingers into my palms to keep them still. I felt his stare on me still and lifted my gaze to look into his eyes, seeing this need reflected back that was surely a mirror of my own.

“Piper.” He said my name gruffly.

“Mr. Alfonso, I have the paperwork you wanted.” The sound of a feminine voice interrupting this, us, had my body growing even tighter.

I looked over my shoulder at the woman who stood in the doorway, her focus on the paperwork she held. I took a few steps back, away from Zane, away from the connection we’d shared. Glancing at Zane, I saw he still watched me, that smoldering gaze unmistakable.

He wanted me. That was clear.

Before I made an ass of myself, I said “Sorry, excuse me,” and moved past the woman at the door, feeling my face heat.

And all the while I felt Zane watching me.



I set my pen down on my desk and ran my hand over the back of my head, exhaustion weighing heavily on me. Everyone had left the office an hour ago, but I’d stayed behind to finish up some last-minute blueprint details.

I looked at the forms in front of me, contracts and building specifications, permits and design suggestions. It all blurred together at this point. The sixteen-hour days were starting to suck the life out of me, but then again, I didn’t get where I was, have the thriving and successful business that I’d built, by being tired and giving up.

Leaning back in my chair, I stared out the windows that showed the hallway. I could imagine Piper walking through my office door, her eyes big and innocent looking, vulnerability pouring off of her in waves. She’d tell me she couldn’t stand the secret anymore, that she’d loved me for just as long as I’d loved her. She’d confess that she would be mine no matter what, that I’d be the only one who touched her, knew her body inside and out … loved her.

I closed my eyes and rested my head back on the seat, trying to push my thoughts of Piper out of my head. But thinking about her was going to have me sporting a raging hard-on.

But saying I would not think about her was like telling myself not to breathe.

It wasn’t going to happen.

I heard footsteps and opened my eyes, straightening in my chair and staring out the window in the hallway. No one should have been here. I could hear muffled music playing, as if somebody was listening to it in headphones especially loud. And then I saw Piper walking past my window, her focus on her phone, her earbuds in as she hummed softly.

Everything in my body tightened, came alive. My cock became hard, my mouth drying. Watching her when she was unaware could’ve been classified as weird as fuck, but seeing her in her element, unaware how beautiful she was, of how special she was to me, turned me on.

She wasn’t watching where she was going and ran into the side of my receptionist’s desk. Although I knew she wasn’t seriously hurt, the protective side of me rose up. I found myself standing and making my way toward her. I heard her swear as she rubbed the side of her leg where the impact had been.

And then her phone dropped out of her hand, her curse ringing out again. I smiled at the fiery side in her.

She bent over to retrieve it and I couldn’t help but look at her ass, the way it was shaped like a juicy peach, the fact her jeans molded to the mounds like perfection.

My dick hardened, and I tried to control the fucker. Last thing I wanted was for her to look up at me, her gaze landing right on the stiff erection pressed against my slacks. And then she straightened, her focus on her phone again for just a split second before she realized she wasn’t alone.

She looked into my eyes and I saw hers widen, the surprise that I was here clearly on her face. Piper quickly pulled the earbuds out, her music blasting through them. She shut off the music, or attempted to, but all that did was have the jack coming out of her phone and the song she’d been listening to screeching through the speaker.

Her face got red and I couldn’t help but smile again. She was too damn adorable. When she finally got the music off, looking back up at me and clearly flustered, all I wanted to do was pull her close and have her rest her head on my chest. I wanted to tell her that she could relax, that there was nothing for her to be concerned about.