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“Not surprising,” I say, “Seems like when you like something you really … go for it.”

He laughs. “I definitely do that.”

A strand of hair falls over his forehead, and without thinking, I brush it away. It’s strange to go from avoiding him to sitting in his lap playing fifty questions, but in an even stranger way, I’m actually having a good time.

I’m not thinking about anything outside that cottage door.

I’m simply here, in this moment, with him.

Like nothing else matters.

“Where did you grow up?” he asks.

“All over Orange County,” I say, “But mostly Santa Monica. You?”

“Bridgeport,” he says. “Born and raised.”

“What’s your biggest fear?” I ask.

His brows rise, like my question catches him off guard.

“I want to know the things about you that matter,” I say. “So tell me: what are you most afraid of?”

He releases a breath through flared nostrils, glancing away. “That’s a good question. I … I don’t know. I guess I’ve never really thought about it too much.”

Of course he hasn’t. He’s Mr. Ray of Freaking Optimistic Sunshine.

“Can I answer you later?” he asks. “I could give you some bullshit answer, but that wouldn’t be fair to you, and I feel like I really need to think this one over.”

“Fine,” I say. “I’ll allow it.”

“Next question,” he says.


“Can I kiss you now?”

Chapter 15


“Can I kiss you now?” I ask as my hands rest at the sides of her hips.

Lila lifts a hand to my cheek, leaving it there for a second as she looks into my eyes. Makes me think her exterior hardness is just a thing she does to protect the softness inside of her.

“Yeah,” she says, biting her lower lip for half a second. “You can kiss me.”

With my hands on the small of her back, I pull her closer against me, as if her being in my lap isn’t nearly close enough, and a moment later we meet in the middle, my lips claiming hers, her lips surrendering to mine.

She rocks against me before resting her arms over my shoulders. Everything about her is pillow soft, her skin, the tendrils of hair that frame her face, her mouth, her movements. She’s every bit as delicate on the outside as she pretends not to be on the inside.

I’m not sure how long we’ve been making out when we stop and come up for air. My guess is at least an hour, though time seems to act funny when I’m with her so it could be half that or it could be twice that.

My lips ache and if I touched them, I’m sure they’d be swollen.

“You okay?” I ask, fighting a grin. I can’t help but smile when I look at her now because I know … one day she’s going to be mine and this is that sweet beginning that everyone always talks about.

I had a couple of girlfriends in high school and I’ve dated some in college, but I’ve never had anything real and I’ve never been in love.

When I look at Lila, I can’t help but feel like this thing we have, whatever it is, is going to be special.

She climbs off my lap, taking a seat beside me.

“What are you thinking?” I ask.

Lila doesn’t answer at first and for a moment I think she might be having second thoughts.

“I’m thinking that we should probably keep going,” the little minx says as she pulls me over top of her.

She’s pinned beneath me on the sofa, her thighs straddling my hips and me resting on my forearms above her. My cock begins to swell and throb the harder we kiss, but if I’m sent home with a case of blue balls, it’ll have been worth it.

“I could do this all night,” I whisper before gently taking her full bottom lip between my teeth and then kissing her swollen mouth over again.

My hardness pulses, throbbing harder than before.

“You have no idea how turned on I am right now,” I say.

“Pretty sure I do …” Her hand glides between our bodies, stopping at the waistband of my shorts. With an impressively deft move, she undoes the button and fly and takes my cock in her hand.

Lila kisses me, pumping the length, and while all of this feels incredible, all I can think about is feeling her, making her feel twice as good as she makes me feel.

Still hovering over her, I press kisses into her collarbone, working my way lower, and when I get to her stomach, I lift the hem of her shirt and kiss my way down. Her belly caves at my touch and her chest rises and falls faster and faster. When I get to the top of her shorts, I slide my fingers behind the waistband and tug them down her sides before tossing them across the room.

I go for her lace panties next, pulling them down her long legs before settling in between her thighs. With soft, gentle licks I taste her sweetness, and I take it as a compliment when her body writhes in response.