Page 11 of Chasing Bunny

It was just a plain bagel with cream cheese.

The night had been fucking perfect. The auction had given him the best result he’d ever had since starting his charity.

So what could have possibly gone wrong between last night and this morning? Bunny was with him every single step of the way, until she wasn’t.

Strange woman.

If she thought this was a one-night stand, she was very mistaken.


Bunny felt bad for running out on Brice like that, but she was scared, nervous. This wasn’t something she’d ever done before … sleeping with her boss, feeling these kinds of emotions, knowing that it was … love.

That’s exactly what she was. In love. And it scared the hell out of her.

Bunny had never felt these kinds of things for anyone before, but for the past two years all she’d wanted was Brice. And now she finally had him.

He’d said many things when they’d slept together, but a part of her believed they were in the throes of passion, that he couldn’t possibly mean anything more than that.

He probably saw this as a one-night stand. At least that’s where her mindset was, and why she’d fled.

She hadn’t wanted to make anything awkward, hadn’t wanted things to get any weirder than they probably would be now.

Bunny heard the elevator ding and she straightened, knowing it was Brice. He was precise on being to work on time every day so she knew when to expect him. And she’d been so nervous about it all morning.

As it was now Monday morning, she’d managed to keep her distance for the weekend. That had been harder than she thought. She’d contemplated what she was going to do, how she would handle it.

Or maybe it was best to just keep her distance and chalk up what they’d shared as being a one-time thing.

She opened up her laptop and feigned work, but her mind was on anything but. She heard him approaching her office door, the happy fall of his footsteps matching the beat of her heart.

Her heart was racing, her palms sweating. And then she felt his gaze on hers, and she knew he was watching her. But he said nothing, and so she kept her focus on the computer, started writing out gibberish to make it look like she was focused, working … that his very presence didn’t have her on edge.

But it sure as hell did.

There was so much she wanted to say: how much she cared for him, that she didn’t want that night to be the only time they were together. He’d said as much, but her confidence in things like this wasn’t exactly high.

The throes of passion.

Those words played through her head over and over again.

And then she felt him leave, his gaze moving off of her like fingers moving off her body. She heard him walk away, the sound of his retreating footsteps making her feel suddenly bereft.

Bunny exhaled slowly and looked up, the empty doorway a little disappointing. Then again, that was all on her. She could’ve easily said something to him, called him into her office and told him exactly how she felt.

But fear was a strong bitch, its hold unlike anything else.

A moment later her phone rang. Bunny picked it up, spouting off the normal professional greeting, and then heard silence on the other end.


Just when she was about to hang up, she heard Brice exhale. Her heart instantly started racing.

“Bunny, can I see you in my office, please?” His voice was hard and unyielding, demanding, and brokering no argument.

“Of course, sir.” Bunny swallowed and hung up the phone, feeling so nervous. Was he going to fire her? Had sleeping with Brice ruined everything?

Or maybe this was exactly what should happen. Maybe if she no longer worked for him she wouldn’t feel this pressure, this worry.

Maybe they could be together without the stress.

She stood, pushed in her chair, and started heading out of her office, the sound of the other employees in the building overly loud. And the closer to Brice she got, the more her knees wobbled, her legs feeling like putty.

She stopped when she got to his door, which was slightly ajar so she could see him standing by the window, his hands clasped behind his back, his big body looking powerful. She brought her knuckles down and knocked on the door, three small raps that had him turning and looking at her.

A moment of silence passed between them.

“Can you please shut the door?” His voice was pitched low, but still so demanding.

After the door was shut, they stood there in silence, neither saying anything, but the tension thick. It wasn’t just Bunny who felt the discomfort. She could see it on Brice’s face.

He exhaled and took a few steps closer, sitting on the top of his desk and staring at her. The tightness on his face was tangible.