Page 13 of Chasing Bunny

“She’ll be out in a moment. We’re just finishing up a few things in here first,” he said.

He waited a few seconds before turning back to Bunny, who was already shaking her head.

“This shouldn’t have happened.”

This is what he’d been hoping to avoid. “Why?”

“You’re my boss. This is so inappropriate. You think anyone in this building is going to look at me the same way again?” She gave him a push and seeing how upset she was, he took a step back, giving her the space she clearly needed.

She jumped off his desk, pushing her skirt down.

“You really care about what people think?”

“No. I don’t but when it comes to work I don’t want to be known for being in the position I am because they think I’m a slut. This is not what I wanted for myself. I work hard.”

“No one will ever think that,” he said.

She started to button her shirt, and he moved her hands out of the way.

“I can do that.”

“Stop being so damn stubborn and accept help when it is offered.”

“Look, I’ve seen what it has been like for some women, Brice. They are outcasts and even if they worked hard prior to screwing their boss, it never lasts.”

“You think I’d let that happen with you?” he asked. Her shirt was now buttoned and those beautiful tits were gone from sight.

This wasn’t how he wanted to end things.

“It doesn’t matter if you want it or not. There will always be a stigma attached to the woman. I don’t know why. Look, I’m sorry. I can’t do this.”

She started to walk out of his office but he stopped her. Grabbing her hand, he turned her toward him.

“Brice, please.”

“Go and use my bathroom. Your hair doesn’t look right.”



He watched her leave. This wasn’t over, not by a long shot. She was scared and he got it. Work colleagues could be cruel and he wouldn’t have anyone speaking bad about her. She worked hard and was the best damn PA he’d ever had. He wouldn’t want her to quit her job either to be with him.

He ran a hand down his face in an attempt to clear the lust from his thoughts. It was hard to do. His dick was still rock hard and he wanted nothing more than to fuck her and to show her he wasn’t going to run out on her at the first opportunity. He wasn’t willing to give up, though.

Bunny could keep on running. He was more than happy to keep on chasing her. He wasn’t known for backing down. Bunny would belong to him. There was no way he could see his life without her. She owned his heart; he just needed her to see it.


The following week

Bunny sat on her couch with her legs curled up underneath her, the TV on but the volume too low for her to really hear much. She had a bottle of wine on the coffee table, a glass filled up to the brim, and a pint of rocky road ice cream in her hand.

She’d already polished off half of it between taking long drinks from her wine glass. All she could think about was Brice, the things he said, the things she wanted with him.

But Bunny was afraid of the unknown, of the future where he was concerned.

For two years she’d wanted him, wanted Brice to notice her, to take interest. And when she finally had that, all she could think about was the repercussions of them being together.

She thought she’d be able to handle breaking the rules, crossing lines where he was concerned. And she was. Because what she was really afraid of was having her heart broken.

Brice could tell her whatever he wanted, but the truth was she loved him. To even think that he might reciprocate those feelings seemed like fiction. All she wanted was to be honest with him, to tell him there was nothing more in the world that she wanted than to just be with him and say fuck everything else.

Fuck everyone else.

Maybe that’s what she needed to do? Maybe she needed to just tell him how she really felt, that she was in love with him, had been for the past two years. That would either have him running in the other direction or admitting he felt the same for her.

She snorted at that last part and dug her spoon into the ice cream, bringing the massive scoop to her mouth. She stared at the TV screen just as an ice cream headache started.

“Shit,” she grumbled and set the pint down, grabbing her forehead and closing her eyes.

A fucking ice cream headache was the cherry on the shit sundae of her life, it seemed.

She heard her cell vibrate on the coffee table and reached out to grab it. Bunny stared down at the screen and saw Lena’s face flash across the display.