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He couldn’t take his eyes off her. The blood red color of the dress, coupled with her darker hair, made her look beautiful, as if she were a siren ready to tempt everyone and anyone.

Hell, Brice was already enthralled. She was more beautiful than any other woman he’d ever seen in his life.

He cleared his throat and straightened, knowing he needed to get his shit together. Acting this way in front of everyone was not him. He always had his shit together.

When he was alone, preferably with Bunny, then he’d lose control. Then he’d show her all the things he wanted to do with her. Although maybe that was all wishful thinking. Maybe he needed to keep his dick in his pants and make sure his distance from Bunny stayed intact.

Because surely getting involved with her, or even admitting how he felt, could and would be disastrous. Hell, the fact that she could deny him, turn down his advances, was almost too fucking painful to even think about. Because this wasn’t just about Brice wanting to fuck her, although that was pretty high on this damn list. This was about how much he cared for her, how over the last two years he’d watched her, obsessed about her… fallen in love with her.

And it was those feelings, ones he’d never experienced before, never even thought he’d entertain, that scared the hell out of him.

He’d closed off his emotions for so long, kept his distance, didn’t do relationships because he was afraid of them, because he was afraid of letting someone into his life. But with Bunny that’s all he wanted.

Her with him.

Them together.


Undeniably his.


Just like Bunny imagined, Brice was king of his domain. Everyone flocked toward him like a pack of sheep, waiting for his approval. It was rather interesting to be the woman at his side as he spoke with businessmen and associates, or even friends. She wasn’t exactly sure which ones were friends though.

They all seemed to act exactly the same, air kissing as if it was still a thing. She could really do with some candy. Whenever she got nervous, her candy addiction struck and it always helped her to focus, or at least mock those around her inside her head.

A passing waiter caught her attention and she reached out for a glass of champagne. She didn’t really care for alcohol but right now she wanted to hold something or else she’d fidget. The waiter didn’t stop and as she tried to gain his attention, he completely blanked her.

Even with an expensive dress she blended into the background, it would seem.

“Excuse me!” Brice’s voice carried and those closest to them stopped to watch him. He advanced toward the waiter. “When a lady wants a glass of champagne, you stop for her. Rudeness will not be tolerated at my event.” Brice took two glasses from the waiter before turning back to her.

Bunny was mortified as Brice came back to her, handing her a glass.

“You really didn’t have to do that.” She noticed people were finally looking at her as if she was a real person.

She’d always been a real person but now Brice had put a neon sign above her head. Other than the waiter, everything else at the auction seemed to be going swimmingly. The only problem for her was that she wanted to go and check on a few things. Their little audience had left them alone and with Brice staring at her, she felt a little out of sorts.

She wasn’t used to having his undivided attention.

“I think it would be good if I go and make a few checks,” she said, hoping to make her escape.

“Not happening, Bunny. You’re staying by my side all night. I know you’re more than capable of handling all this and I bet it will go off without a single problem.”

“You have that much faith in me?” She wanted to kick herself for how shocked she sounded. Of course she knew she was good at what she did. She was the best because she always went that extra mile and her bosses over the years always appreciated it. It was just a shame that they weren’t willing to help her further her education and position within the company.

She loved learning and each job she delved into, she did so with the intention of being the best she could be.

Being a PA to the owner of a company was amazing, but one day, she’d love to be able to run a division in one of the cities. She knew she was more than capable of being a great addiction to the team. Not that she didn’t mind being a PA, she loved it. But she wanted to keep on advancing. It was just how she’d been made.

“I’ve given you a reason to think I don’t?”

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