Page 81 of Don't Look Back

“So?” Carson said, lowering his head. “Long enough.”

“Cornball,” Scott muttered.

Julie smacked him. “Shut up. You say cornier things when no one else is around. He just has the balls to say it in front of us.”

I laughed.

“Whatever. I have balls,” Scott argued. “You know exactly how big—”

“No one wants to know that, dude,” Carson cut in, but his eyes were trained on me as if I was his entire world.

“Agreed,” I said quietly, reaching up and threading my fingers through the hair curling around the nape of his neck. His eyes flared, and my belly warmed. “Kiss?”


He brought his mouth to mine, and even though this kiss was sweet and had nothing on what he could do when we were alone, my breath still caught in my chest and my toes curled. Each time we kissed, it was like the first time, over and over again. Nothing compared to it.

I was pretty sure nothing ever would.

“Okay. If you guys are done making out, ready to watch the movie?” Scott asked, sounding only a little peeved.

Carson’s lips spread into a grin against mine. He stole one more quick kiss before he pulled back. “Yeah, we’re ready as ever.”

Cheeks flushed, I snuggled closer to Carson, throwing an arm around his waist. His fingers curled around the loose strands of my hair. The movie clicked on and the previews started to roll.

Things weren’t perfect. They were far, far from it, but they were getting there, and I wasn’t looking back. Not when there were so many good things in the future.