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But he said nothing like that at all. That would surely scare the fuck out of her.

“How about I get those flashlights and see if I can figure out the weather situation?”

He leaned down and kissed her soundly on the lips, cupping her cheek, wanting to deepen it. Hell, he wanted to thrust deep in her tight, wet pussy again, but instead he stood, the chill biting at his naked flesh.

Ivan wrapped the blankets more firmly around her before grabbing his clothes and getting dressed. He left the office in search of flashlights, assumed there would be something of use in the janitorial closet. Once at the closet, he opened it, seeing two lantern-style flashlights and a stack of batteries. He grabbed what he needed, even found a couple of extra blankets, ones that felt more like scrubbing pads than anything else.

But he’d take what he could get at this point.

As he made his way back to Delaney’s office, Ivan couldn’t stop himself from grinning. He’d just man-up and tell her how he felt, tell her that he wanted her as his.

Fuck the promotion.

Fuck the no fraternization at work policy.

Screw the rules.

Fuck what everyone might say.

Ivan wanted her and he would have her.

She was everything he’d ever hoped he could have in a partner.




She gave as good as she got, didn’t put up with shit, and was sexy as sin.

And despite her telling him this was a one-time thing, he could see the way she stared at him, the hope, longing in her gaze, as if she wanted to tell him she didn’t want this to end.

Same as him.

He stopped by the window and watched as the snow continued to fall, draping a blanket of white all across the city.

He saw red taillights for as far as the eye could see, accidents, and police and ambulance cruisers trying to get to the pile up. It was a shit storm out there, and despite the lack of heat and lighting, Ivan wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

Chapter 10

Snuggled back under the blanket, Delaney thought about Ivan, about what he’d said to her. She knew what loneliness was like but had never for a second imagined he understood that feeling. He wouldn’t let her go with him to check the weather. She couldn’t believe that she was stuck in her office building with Ivan.

Of all the lame-ass things to end up doing.

She pushed some hair out of her eyes and saw the light coming from the hallway.

“It’s just me, Delaney. Fuck it is cold.”

“How is it looking?” she asked, sitting up.

He put the light down. She couldn’t believe they even had a flash light but it was there as proof.

Their only source of light until the power came back on.

“It’s not looking good. The snow is coming down thick and fast. I think we’re going to need to go to a couple of different levels, see if we can find some more blankets,” he said.

The blankets they had found so far weren’t enough. They were going to get ill if they didn’t go hunting.

“The elevators are still out. We’re going to have to take the stairs,” she said, climbing out from the blanket. The moment she did, the cold hit her hard.

Whatever warmth the building had, it was gone.

“We’re not going alone.” He took her hand. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”

She smiled and was charmed that he didn’t want her to get hurt.

His hand was so much larger then hers. She tried not to think of his hands running up and down her body, but she had loved the way he touched her.

It was a big mistake, huge.

One she wanted to repeat again, even though they’d promised each other just this once.

Would it be so wrong to do it again?

Ivan took the lead and she had no problem following him as they walked to the stairwell. There was no heating in the stairwell at any time so it was like walking through ice.

They got to one of the upper floors to start searching.

Releasing his hand, she started looking in drawers and cupboards for anything that could help keep them warm.

“Oh, wow,” she said.

“What is it?”

“Not much. Only, I don’t want to have a clue who this desk belongs to because it contains lube and a dildo.”

Ivan laughed. “Want me to tell you?”

“Hell, no. I don’t want to know. After all this I’ve still got to work here and there’s not going to be any real chance of that if I’m seeing a guy or a girl with a cock up their ass.”

“Good point. You think it’d make them squirm so they’d have to wriggle it around.”

“I don’t even want to think about it,” she said, closing the drawer. “Do you think we’ll even find anything?”

“We found blankets and a flashlight. You never know what people are hiding. Besides, I’m totally bringing this up at the next business meeting,” he said.