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Although she knew what to expect from these parties, Delaney had picked it out specifically because she wanted to look beautiful for Ivan. She cared for him deeply, the relationship moving so fast that it was a whirlwind around her. But she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

She felt free and open with him.

She felt alive.

And the way he touched her, talked to her, looked at her, told her he felt the same way.

Was there such thing as love at first sight? There certainly was hate at first sight, because that’s how she’d felt when she’d first met him. But over time her hate had morphed into desire. And now it was a hell of a lot more than them having sex.

She was falling for Ivan and there was no way to stop it. She didn’t want to.

She rested her hands on the sink and leaned forward, looking at the subtle makeup she’d applied. She ran her fingers along the bun at the nape of her neck she’d secured just moments ago. It was classy but easy, and it showed off the lines of her neck.

And she had a feeling Ivan would like it, especially since he seemed to have a little fetish for sucking and licking at her throat.

She felt her face get hot, saw her cheeks turn red. All she could think about was Ivan and all the wicked things they’d been doing for the past week. This romance had been a whirlwind, made her weak in the knees.

And Delaney didn’t want it to end.

She pushed away from the sink and smoothed her hands down her dress. It was black and lacy, the bodice right above her cleavage, amplifying all her curves. She felt sexy in it, and it was far more revealing than anything she’d ever worn.

She left the bathroom and made her way toward the elevator.

The company had rented out the entire fifth floor, a banquet hall that was gorgeous and almost whimsical. Every year they had a Christmas party there, and although she never did anything for Christmas because she was alone, this was something she looked forward to.

Once in the elevator, she pressed the button for the fifth floor, the doors closing and a second later she was descending. Her heart raced, and her hands were slightly shaking.

She didn’t know why she was so nervous. They’d held hands and kissed in the office. It wasn’t like people hadn’t seen them. But she knew that they would make it even more obvious tonight, where everyone would see them touching and holding each other.

No doubt people would ask questions because they weren’t in a “business” setting. They’d be nosy, bombard her with questions about what was going on, and she’d have to answer them. She’d be truthful, because even though she hadn’t initially wanted anyone knowing, even though the fear of getting in trouble for mixing business and pleasure together was a very real threat, she cared about Ivan more than she ever had about anyone in her life.

Once the elevator reached the floor and the doors opened, she stepped outside. The sound of holiday music could be heard the closer she got to the hall. Her heels clicked on the ceramic tile, her heart picking up rhythm the closer she got.

She saw the opened doors, the sight of twinkle lights having this magical feel. As she stood there, not yet entering, just watching as everyone danced and laughed, oblivious as to how nervous she really was, she thought about Ivan and what she wanted with him.


I want a future with him. I want a life with him.

She swallowed, her throat tight, her mouth dry. Would he want that too?

She felt someone behind her, and a moment later a hand curled around her waist. She knew it was Ivan instantly, and turned around to see his handsome face smiling down at her. He was in the same suit he’d had on all day, but God did he look good. A three-piece black suit, white shirt, and a red tie.

He dressed smart, sexy.

She’d always thought that.

Before she could say anything, he pulled her in and kissed her until she was breathless. For long moments he fucked her mouth, slid his tongue along hers, made her so damn needy she felt herself grow wet, and her nipples harden.

He pulled back and she stood there, her eyes still closed, her lips still tingling.

“You ready for this, baby, for all of this?”

Delaney opened her eyes and smiled. “I don’t think I’ve been readier than I am right now.”

And that was the truth.

Chapter 16

“Are you sure about this, Ivan?” Paul, one of the executives, asked.

“Am I sure about what?” His gaze was on his woman as she circled the party, taking a few moments with each person.

Earlier in the day, they’d had that business meeting and he’d brought up how essential it was for there to be a survival kit of some kind on the premises at all times, throughout every single weather season.