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She was in for one hell of a night.

Chapter 7

Ivan was so fucking hard. His cock throbbed and all he wanted to do was bottom out inside of her.

A groan tore from him at the image that thought conjured up.

He reached out, took her nape in his hand, and pulled her forward. He used his upper body to push her back slightly. Delaney braced her hands on his chest, curling her nails into his flesh.

God, that feels fucking incredible.

His cock jerked.

She broke the kiss and looked up at him with wide eyes. Lowering his head, he claimed her mouth with his, licked and sucked at her tongue when she opened for him, and groaned against her lips.

“I need you, Delaney.”

I’ve wanted you for a long fucking time.

“Yes,” she moaned in response.

She was hot and sweet, and surrendered herself to him because she wanted this—no— needed it as much as he did.

He pulled back enough to look his fill of her nude body. The moonlight shone through the window, giving him enough light to appreciate how gorgeous she was.

“You want this?” he asked.

She nodded and licked her lips.

“I want this.”

He swallowed hard and moved his hand down to rub his palm over his erection. The damn thing was liable to explode if he didn’t add a little bit of pressure to the bastard.

Looking at her breasts, those big, glorious weights with the pink tips, had him wrapping his hand around his cock even tighter, giving the fucker a squeeze.

“Ivan,” she whispered.

A low growl left him at the way she said his name.

But before he could move, Delaney was the one pushing him back gently, getting off the sofa bed and sinking to her knees. God, she was gorgeous as she looked up at him.

“Come here.” She beckoned.

He shifted so he was off the mattress and standing before her now. The air was chilled, the temperature slowly dropping without any heat.

Possessive need slammed into him. He was about to claim her in every fucking way that counted.

He moved closer to her again and her breathing changed. Her breasts rose and fell because of the action, her nipples seeming to tighten further.

Damn, he was hard.

He lowered his gaze to her pussy, which had a thatch of short, dark hair covering it. But before he could move toward her again, she lowered herself to her knees in front of him.

And then she reached out and gripped him.

He parted his lips and breathed in deeply when she leaned in close, her warm breath moving along his cock head.

“Delaney…” He breathed her name out, not sure what to say. His voice was strained, his arousal growing.

She lifted her gaze to his face and licked her lips.

The fact she was going to suck his cock had pre-cum spilling out of the tip of him.

“I’m hungry for you.” Her words were like a hot poker to his cock. “But only for tonight, right?” The way she said that was a little unsure, as if maybe she didn’t want this to be all they experienced together.

He didn’t respond because he wanted to tell her that she was his, that he wasn’t letting her go once this was all said and done.

Cupping the side of her face, he smoothed his fingers over her parted lips. Neither said anything else.

“Whatever you want is yours,” he finally said in response.

A strangled noise left him when she parted her lips further and took the head into the hot, wet confines of her mouth.

Pleasure coursed through him.

She took as much as she could of his dick, hollowed out her cheeks, and relaxed her throat.

“Fuck, baby,” he groaned the words out. “Delaney. Fuck.” He was breathing hard and fast.

She made a humming noise around him, and he groaned. God, it was so fucking good.

The head of his erection nudged the back of her throat, but she didn’t give up when she slightly gagged. That sound alone could have had him coming right now, just shooting his load deep in her throat.

And when she reached down and took his balls in one hand, giving them a squeeze, he felt the tendrils of his orgasm start to rise.

But no way in fucking hell was he going to let this end yet.

Taking hold of her shoulders and moving back until his cock slipped free of her mouth, he helped her to stand. The sound of his dick coming free from the tight suction of her lips sounded erotic as hell in the small confines of the office.

Even in the darkened room, he could see her mouth, her lips parted, her lips swollen and red, glossy from his pre-cum and her saliva.

A surge of possession, of need to own this woman, slammed into him.

She thought this was just for tonight, a one-time deal.

Delaney was wrong.

Ivan grabbed her nape and pulled her forward until their lips crashed together. He took her mouth in a brutal kiss, at the same time using his body to press her back to the mattress again.